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  1. wish it wasnt a mud hole outside... I want to ride too
  2. mn519

    I'm Back!!

    Racing 30 races a yr got expensive. I needed to cut expenses to focus on building a business. Thanks for the info. The stock chain stretched today in just a couple laps. Ouch! I picked er up this morning and went from the dealer right to the track for a practice day. Man was I rusty! But I kept it on 2 wheels and was feeling pretty good by the end of the day! I can tell you the first thing I noticed was the smooth low end power. Weak lol. Riding it felt like my modded 290(cams, pipe, etc), just with more top end pull. Oh and its hard starting. I think it's lean, but its not popping much on decel. The next thing I noticed was this bike turns!! It was hands down 10x better at turning then my 06 450. Inside, outside, mid corner changes... no problem! Next I noticed my lack of noticing anything about the rear suspension. All I can say is it's amazing out of the box. The forks well, they are pretty harsh still, but I think they just need some time to loosen up. After some time riding it I am dam happy with it. I think the smooth low end power is actually better for me as it wont wear me out as fast as the 06 did. Plus the bike is way faster then me, and I'm smart enough to know that having more power wont make me faster. Well its after midnight and I better get to bed. Tomorrow I gotta try to get the forks broke in better and work on the low speed jetting.
  3. mn519

    2009 yz 450 otd price?

    bought an 09 yz450 in White today for $5365 OTD
  4. mn519

    I'm Back!!

    Well after selling the 06 yz290f and 06 yz450 and trying to quit MX cold turkey a year and a half ago, I've fallen off the wagon. I'm addicted and can't help it. I pick up my 09 yz450 in the morning My last yzf's were stone cold reliable, and I dont see alot of major changes that should afect reliability. But I wanted to ask you guys that have been running the 09's for awhile allready if there is anything I should look out for at first? Or any "must do" mod's? Oh, and does anyone know if the stiffer fork springs I still have for my 06 will work with the 09 forks? (I'm sure the stiffer shock spring i have will work also)
  5. Yeah I was in section 102, row 17. Damb good view too! I was kind of dissapointed at the low spectator turn out though. I remember when the Metrodome used to sell out for supercross. I got Dungey's whole supercross class race on vid too, from holeshot to poduim! It looks like he would of caught Hill on lap 15 if he wouldn't of bobbled in the whoops.
  6. mn519

    Dungey Marketable?

    Here is the speech for everyone to see
  7. Here is Dungey's speech from the podium:
  8. mn519

    video of yz 450f from yamaha.com

    what, claiming rule???? umm I think that went the way of the dinosaurs about 20 yrs ago when someone actually claimed a works Honda. There is a claiming rules in the amature nationals, it is something like twice msrp, off the top of my head without goin to look it up. Also, there is no limit on the amount of money that the 450 class puts in any part of its bike, including susp. Those are not based on off the shelf parts, and are not for sale. Bubba(and others I suspect) run 50mm forks.
  9. well, its a 450, but they look the same right? 12.8 hours and looking good! pm if you want a price
  10. I am pretty much goin for fuctional on this truck. Dont want to break the bank. So as long as it will do the job I will be happy. 13-14 is what I was thinking mileage would be also. But prob more like 10-11 with the plow on. I do drive pretty gentle now. seems just a few yrs ago I was "that" stupid kid, now I set the cruise at speed limit, and the other day I found myself listening to AM radio and liking it...
  11. What is your guys opinions on this truck for light work truck: 2007 f250 with 5.4 v8 gas. 5 speed auto tranny. 4x4 with 4.11 gears. reg cab- long box. I would use it for: Some snow plowing with Boss V plow pulling 16' enclosed pulling open landscape trailer with mowers(zturn) other landscaping hauling/towing I wanted f150, but plowing ruled that out. Anyone have this setup? What kind of mileage is it getting? Anything you dont like about it? Cheers
  12. mn519

    Stroker crank along with 290 kit???

    IT RUNS!! Glad to hear it all went back together!
  13. A riding friend of my once stood in the middle of some sand whoops while I went by in 4th tapped on a 250f just to get some good footage. I missed him by inches. He must of been dumb for thinking I was in control, cause boy I coundn't turn at all! Me, I woulda used the zoom...