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  1. I want to pick up an extra rear shock on the cheap for some suspension experiments with my '09 CRF450R. Mad scientist supermoto stuff. There are so many older CRF450R rear shocks on ebay. But I dunno if they are the same length as my '09. Anybody know if the older 2003-2008 rear shocks will fit the '09 CRF450R?
  2. afm956

    07' DR-Z 400e to 06' CRF 450x

    This is at Roseville Cycle? Can I get one at that price?!?
  3. afm956

    Beautiful East TN Weather... ***PICS***

    Nice pix. What's the difference between eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina?
  4. On pure acceleration, there's no comparison....a bone-stock SV650 does the quarter-mile in the high 11s, the SM is in the low 14s. On a twisty road or track, rider skill counts way more than whatever bike you're riding so stat sheets are irrelevant. The SV650 is a very easy bike to go fast on, it's got excellent balance and strong V-twin midrange power. Good for beginners and experts alike. The SV is a very popular street, track and racebike for a reason, it's *very* fast in the right hands. On a related note, I did a trackday on my V-Strom 650 (SV650 motor) last month at Infineon Raceway. Hilarious.
  5. Seems like the other bikes have their own sites and don't primarily use this one, while us DRZ peeps consider this our main site. Since the DRZ has been out since 2000, there's so much good info here via the Search feature.
  6. afm956

    Pesky Petcock

    I had this exact same problem a few weeks ago. Bike flooding out, and if I parked it overnight, there would be a big puddle of gas under the bike. I took apart the petcock, neither of the diaphragm's two layers had any damage. But I did see some tiny metal flakes in there, they were the same color as the petcock, and I noticed some misshapen corners inside the petcock that were missing metal. I cleaned it real well and reassembled. No more leaking gas since then, fingers crossed!
  7. afm956

    07 E model alert! DYNO GRAPHS ADDED

    Suzuki must be getting ready one year early for the 2008 CARB (California Air Resource Board) standards. Or cutting costs. Either way, the aftermarket should be salivating at the upgrade opportunities this "detuned" E model brings them. Hey the 1960's were nice with the Beatles and such, but it's time for ALL motorcycles to leave antique carb technology behind and switch to fuel injection. Cuz it's kinda nice to have good power and clean air at the same time. My V-Strom 650 is my first FI streetbike, I've rode it from sea level to almost 10,000 ft elevation, the FI works so well all the way.
  8. afm956

    Any one from Japan?

    Kushitani=good stuff. They are focused mainly on road racing though, what offroad gear are you after? Their U.S. branch in L.A. can't get it?
  9. afm956

    DRZs in the snow

    No problem Ben, you already helped me out twice! Hopefully it's an easy fix for whatever ails your bike's charging system.
  10. afm956

    Any one from Japan?

    Special DRZ400 riding gear?
  11. afm956

    Any one from Japan?

    Are there any special DRZ parts in Japan?
  12. afm956

    DRZs in the snow

    Virgin snow path: Me and my DRZ in the snow: How many miles to Elk Creek? Important to know since the battery in Ben's DRZ died, and I had to tow his DRZ behind my DRZ for 18 miles with a tow strap! First time I've ever did bike towing. Ben is the vet offroad guy, I'm glad to have him as an enduro mentor. He had a tow strap, hooked it to my bike's right footpeg, then wrapped the loose end around his left footpeg, then he held the strap on with his left foot. If he needed to let go, all he had to do was raise his left foot and the strap would slide off the peg, no harm no foul. It was kinda weird to be leading halfway round a corner then have the slack in the line pull be backwards and to the right, but I towed his bike for 18 miles with no problem. Thankfully his bike's battery died just before we descended down into a valley, it would have taken awhile to tow him up out of there. One last snow pic with my bike and Ben's bike:
  13. afm956

    DRZs in the snow

    Bear tracks: Alpinestar track: Bear and size 10 Alpinestar:
  14. afm956

    DRZs in the snow

    Ben and Kim again note the white stuff:
  15. afm956

    DRZs in the snow

    Met up with two riding friends today, all of us on Suzuki DRZ400s, for a fun ride through northern California's Mendocino Forest. I just got new Dunlop 756 tires for my DRZ, mmmm big ol' thick knobbies: Kim did a great job recently welding up a three-bike bed rack for his Ford truck, making it easy to haul 3 bikes and all our gear in secure snugness. Ben's cat approves: As we approach the forest, we note that some of the ridges have white stuff on them: