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  1. ddyer32000

    Coyote MX (Mud bog)

    Hi Don Sold the KTM bought a new 4 stroke 250. Been going to Bartow, Waldo, Sunshine and Quicktrack. I didn't really like Coyote. Jesse wasn't thrilled either. Going to QT this Saturday to practice and race there on Sunday. Bought bark busters for another try at the woods soon. Dan
  2. ddyer32000

    wife attractions near croom

    Buy 2 more bikes and get the family riding. Dono was right, not much around.
  3. ddyer32000


    Going Thanksgiving week.
  4. ddyer32000

    The Truth About Mesa Park MX

    Drove a long way to ride there and liked it a lot. My dogs even liked it. Going back for the next FTR MX race.
  5. ddyer32000

    Florida Trail Riders (FTR)

    Have been a member for several years. Ride some MX's and HS's. Hae always had a great time and met some great people. The wife even enjoys going. DONO is quitting because I passed him from the Master B line and he rides the Master A. Him and my wife spent most of their time at the HS's letting me know how terrible I am not avoiding trees, which is true.
  6. ddyer32000

    I'm done with HS'ling, bike is up for taking

    The KTM? Wow I had started going back to the HS's and having some fun again.
  7. ddyer32000


    Government still sucks
  8. ddyer32000


    Goverment sucks.
  9. ddyer32000

    Holiday break riding schedule (DonO)

    He made it to Croom and Pax. It was very wet from yesterdays rain. There where a lot of people at Pax today.
  10. ddyer32000

    Croom on Monday, Dec 24th

    No Van here. White F150 pulling a enclosed trailer parked on the same side as you all. If you go tomorrow (Thursday) Don likes to park at the place back near the bathrooms. Live in Inverness so Croom is a easy drive.
  11. ddyer32000

    Croom on Monday, Dec 24th

    XC Dave Are you number 49C. Saw you guys parked by the road but didn't get a chance to ride with you all. Will be back after Christmas with Dono.
  12. ddyer32000

    FTR HS# 3 - Bartow

    1st race on a KTM. Only need some blue tape for backgrounds and numbers.
  13. ddyer32000

    FTR HS# 3 - Bartow

    This one is much better than the other Bartow race.
  14. ddyer32000


    Rooster72 - Nicley said. XCDave - Super Senior C guys like all the trails. I'm sure it will be a great place in te near future. Master B
  15. ddyer32000


    Yes Dono, I sold all the 4 strokes and bought a orange 2 stroke. It is a lot of fun. After Jess and I came in from our 1st ride we both said the same thing about Coyote. There is a point where keeping a track safe is also keeping it no fun to ride. Track safety depends on the guy behind the bars. I prove that on a regular basis. It feels like to much has been cramed into a small area. Small area makes it even more important to make turn to jump transitions align correctly. It is a really nice place it just much fun for this old slow guy. There are some good sections and then you say why is this here and you start looking for a rythem again. It is only a 45 minute drive from Inverness and Sue likes the place.