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    motocross, paintball, drumming, bicycling, skydiving
  1. awesomodrumboy

    MX Stand project

    i think they are supposed to say "HEY, my truck is a bull and has big nuts"
  2. awesomodrumboy

    Mechanical Engineering Job

    i think this will be interesting. i am going to follow this thread because i too am a mech. engineering student.
  3. awesomodrumboy

    Lucky I guess...

    haha, seriously
  4. awesomodrumboy

    Need opinions on "Moto Comics" I just drew up

  5. awesomodrumboy

    More phaulgai crazy offroad in Hawaii!!

    is it just me, or are all hawaii riding videos this extreme? and always raining?
  6. awesomodrumboy

    how to raise seat height?

    prolly find an after market shock linkage to raise it about an inch or so.
  7. awesomodrumboy

    free stickers?

    monster does. go to their website. be cool in the letter. dont expect them to arrive for about 4 weeks
  8. awesomodrumboy

    Sierra Safari

    lol, some pretty clever hand warmers on their bikes.
  9. awesomodrumboy

    Stewart's 2010 450 up close

    whats that weird blueish bubble in front of the shock and behind the cam chain adjuster? it looks like its attached to the exhaust header, but what is it? iv never seen this b4...
  10. awesomodrumboy

    Fox Innovator Shoes

    gay. eh, maybe thats just me, because all the "posers" and "flat billers" around here wear fox EVERYTHING. right down to their socks and underwear in some of the worst cases.
  11. awesomodrumboy

    OHV parks closing

    thanks bro, ill keep that in mind. BTW it is an informative speech, not a persuasive speech.
  12. awesomodrumboy

    OHV parks closing

    i have a 5 minute speech due next week for my public speaking class. i have been pondering up some ideas on what i could write about and was considering doing my speech on the land use regulation out west and how they are trying to close major riding areas and whatnot. i would do on OHV park closings here, but i haven't found any. what do you guys think? good topic? and any sources you guys would have on this topic that would aid in my research would be greatly appreciated.
  13. awesomodrumboy

    Video of Jeff Alessi trying to take me out

    pics or it didnt happen...
  14. awesomodrumboy

    how to tell the diff between a 250 and 450 thumper?

    how big the jug (cylinder) looks. A 450 engine usually looks really cramped in the engine bay, while a 250 engine usually looks to fit perfectly. (imo)