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  1. Hick

    Best Way To Change MX Tires

    You're using the No Pinch and Raboconda together?
  2. Hick

    Best Way To Change MX Tires

    Nice, haven't seen one of those. I may have to try that. Been using large vise grips and sometimes one of those valve stem fish tools also.
  3. Hick

    Case Halves Gasket Maker

    The answer you seek lies in the post you quoted ^ typically don't have gaskets
  4. Hick

    Best Oversized Tank?

    That's weird. Mine is about 1.5" too short, not even close to reaching. Maybe they did change the mold.
  5. Hick

    Best Oversized Tank?

    Thanks Goon. I've replaced the rim, but I don't have a more recent pic. An aside on Hurricane Yellow YZ250s - it is hard to get the color right. I feel like the plastics you buy (I think those are polisport on mine) are more of a Suzuki yellow. I had to cut out the yellow portions of the graphics since they didn't match the plastic. So I'm afraid to buy a Yellow tank because I don't trust that it will match the other plastic. If I keep it yellow I'm thinking of buying an 06 YZ450 yellow front fender and go black everything else with yellow hurricane graphics. end threadjack
  6. Hick

    Best Oversized Tank?

    I can get the plug off with my Clarke. Shrouds do fit kind of janky, the trailing edges don't follow exactly the profile of the tank. But it isn't noticeable when riding. Also the rubber tank strap doesn't reach the lug or screw on the tank, so I just safety wire it. Compared to stock I don't think it lifts the seat up very much, but I don't have anything else to compare it to. But like the OP I bought it used, might have got it right here (or eBay, can't remember). It seems like nobody wanted to invest in new molds when the Al frame came out and that is why none of them fit exactly right. Hope my pic loads:
  7. Hick

    YZ250 Head O-ring Stretch

    Thanks you guys, getting ready for a new bottom end so I'll have a chance to try that pretty soon.
  8. Hick

    YZ250 Head O-ring Stretch

    I had the opposite problem, a brand new one from a gasket kit, I think it was Cometic, would not fit, it was too large and kept getting pinched. I had to reuse the one that was in there.
  9. Hick

    Maps and Backcountry Navigation

    thanks Pat, Battery life is fine, phone OS is turning off app and/or GPS after about an hour for some reason (likely as part of its battery optimization, but battery life is not my issue).
  10. Hick

    Maps and Backcountry Navigation

    Just to update, I installed GPS Logger and it quit recording track after 1 hour (1 hour and 5 mins exactly) just like w/ Orux maps. I have disabled every battery optimization thing I can find, so this is some issue with my Phone. It is an older Samsung S5 so I may just replace it anyway and see what happens, or maybe find an older smart phone w/ no sim card I can dedicate to this use.
  11. Hick

    Maps and Backcountry Navigation

    Thanks for the tips. I've got that gps logger installed, I'll try it out later this week. Thanks. What I called an Update was actually a reset as my phone died and when I swapped batteries it did a factory reset. Thanks for the reply. I can't find anything on the googles about running an app "as a service," can you elaborate on that comment? Disabling the Power Saving mode was the first thing I tried. No change. Thanks!
  12. Hick

    Maps and Backcountry Navigation

    Not sure if this is the thread for this but I was a happy user of Oruxmaps on my Samsung (S5 / SM-G900V)) Android for about a year and a half, then a few months ago it quit working. I think this is due to an OS update on my phone, now it kills the GPS or the GPS connection to Oruxmaps after about an hour and/or the 25th or so waypoint. The timer keeps running, but the Track just draws a straight line from the last Waypoint to wherever I stop and take my phone out (I do not have a phone mount and don't use Oruxmaps for real-time navigation, I just use it to map the various rides I go on, then I post the tracks to Google My Maps for friends & etc.). At any rate I've been all over Google and all over the Battery Optimization settings on my phone, and also through 2 updates to Oruxmaps, all to no avail. If anybody has a fix or a rec of an alternate Android GPS tracking device (that allows export of KML files) let me know.
  13. Hick

    decompression valve sticking

    Holy necrobump batman.