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  1. after the warm up (warm to the touch cylinder or radiator) try opening it up a little...2smokers are meant to run at idle or wfo, they're not too fond of in between
  2. gek0

    Pitsters availabe at Stillwater Xtreme!

    no guy is not riding a pitser but his nephew dennis hotson is
  3. gek0

    Xtreme Pro stock 125's

    my tech school instuctor has been firends with guy cooper since they were kids. when guy ordered the prostock 125, my class and i took them out of the crates, and assembled and test rode them. i prefer a cr2 or cr3 for a few reasons ill list here. the prostock does have an alum. frame but it make the bike sit much taller than the cr2 or cr3, which makes them handle like a turdbucket. they have the same motor as the cr2 and 3 but guy told me supposedly they have a "close ratio" tranny. while we still had them, we drag raced my cr2 and the pro stock 125. the only mod i had on mine was a trailbikes piston. my cr2 handled tons better and blew it away on the straights. iwouldnt use one as a race bike, but they would be defintely good for an adult who is just looking for recreation.
  4. gek0

    xtreme cr 5

    HAHAHA...what gossip does... i live 20 minutes from stillwater oklahoma, and know and occasionally work for guy cooper. he is in the process of selling the truck on ebay. he hasnt decided on the price for the trailer yet. he still owns and runs the show along with wanda cooper, his wife. as for the CR5 prototype that guy has, i don't have any pics but its about hte size of a crf 100 with a horizontal motor, inverted forks and an aluminum frame. His CR5 has the takegawa rollercam motor, but unfortuantely they will not be included with the cr5 when it comes out.
  5. gek0

    Using the front brakes

    i used to have a big problem with that. my simple remedy: use one finger for the brake or adjust the master cylinder mount in or out so it gives you less leverage.
  6. gek0

    Rear brake

    The problem might be realyl cheap brake fluid, wich may boil at a low temp. The chinese penny pinch like no other so its probably best to drain and refill both brake systems when you buy a new bike.
  7. gek0

    water cooled already?

    the rake on these pieces makes them look like a friggin chopper
  8. gek0

    xtreme cr2 125 engine upgrades

    I live in oklahoma and not very far from stillwater and know Guy somewhat. I also have an xtreme cr2. i've asked this question myself to him in person and the response i got was one of his camshafts. He said it gives what feels like 1 hp. No he doesn't have dyno tests to prove it, but its about the best "bolt on" he has in reliability and performance. i don't remember the name of the camshaft, but i do know it ran around $160. Its a pretty expensive cam, but you can also swap you cylinder for $45 and buy a bigger piston, hes got a pretty good selection to choose from i think 4 or 5 different piston. Pretty much any mod you do on these you are gonna have to go to the shop.
  9. gek0

    SDG Needs Valve Job?

    Try just adjusting the camchain. if it's loose then it would put the timing out of whack, make it run like crap, and backfire.