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  1. MrVvrroomm

    Mounted a top box...........

    Givi E30 mounted on OEM rack.
  2. MrVvrroomm

    Handguards: are any considered the best?

    Cycras, every time
  3. MrVvrroomm

    Avon Distanzias

    My wife is running the Distanzia on her DR650. They work very well.
  4. Exactly! I removed mine and replaced it with a billet upper triple. You just need a security torx bit. It's probably about a t20. You can buy a whole set at Harbor Freight for under $10.
  5. MrVvrroomm

    DRz400sm Plastics on a DR650?

    They will not. I own both.
  6. MrVvrroomm

    which Cycra handguards for stock 2006 drz400s

    Spend a few buck more and upgrade to a set of ProTaper SE bars. You're going to spend over $100 for the Cycra's, spend another $50 for the aluminum bars. If your bike tips over in the garage, the stock bars will bend.
  7. MrVvrroomm

    Followup on my rear brakes

    The DRZ has a rear brake? hmmmm
  8. MrVvrroomm

    premium or regular??

    regular is what it's designed for
  9. MrVvrroomm

    Bar Ends

    It means you need to loosen the grip. LOL
  10. MrVvrroomm

    Pictures of me at the sm racetrack

    Nice lines! Great shots!
  11. MrVvrroomm

    mileage on stock sm tires

    3241 miles to the tube.
  12. MrVvrroomm

    Vector or Vapor

    I went with the Lynx. Who needs a tach on a DR?
  13. MrVvrroomm

    DRZ475 vs. Dodge Viper

    That's like saying if I'm on foot I could beat ________ across the sidewalk. Up to 40? wgaf?
  14. MrVvrroomm

    DRZ475 vs. Dodge Viper

    My brother owns an '03 SRT-10 Viper Roadster that puts 700+ horsepower to the pavement, all motor. Good luck if ya line up with that.
  15. MrVvrroomm

    best hand guards? and mirrors?

    Cycra Probend upper triple mount. You could lift the bike with these. All others are pretenders.