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  1. Rich_in_Orlando

    The $10k XR650L build DAYTONA edition

    The blasting and painting would be at 2 different places, so I'll have a chance to inspect. I told them I wanted an acrylic polyurethane automotive finish. Maybe a clear coat over the whole thing. I'm sticking with white too.
  2. Rich_in_Orlando

    The $10k XR650L build DAYTONA edition

    This has inspired me. To get my frame blasted, it's $100; painting, $200. That's not much for a sealed and new-looking frame. Be a good excuse to inspect and or replace steering head races and suspension bearings. For not much money the old beast's frame would be at 100%.
  3. Rich_in_Orlando

    The $10k XR650L build DAYTONA edition

    Goon on you bro! I wish I had the gumption to strip my '94 to get the frame painted. Mind if I ask how much it cost you to get it blasted and painted?
  4. Rich_in_Orlando

    2000 650L valve question

    Not taking the plug out is a useless shortcut. Takes a minute to remove the plug. You will have a hard time getting and keeping it at TDC with the plug still in. If you don't have a service manual, sounds like you need one.
  5. Rich_in_Orlando

    Snorkel removal and battery relocating

    Don't get me wrong- it would be nice to be able to remove the battery box. Seems like the best way to do it would be to get a smaller lithium battery. It just seems like a lot of work and the battery is very secure in stock configuration.
  6. Rich_in_Orlando

    Snorkel removal and battery relocating

    You may or may not need additional air, depends on your setup. My bike has a high-comp piston, a ported head, a hotcam, an XL600 header an ATC250 tailpipe baffle, and the standard carb mods everyone does. So it flows quite a bit better than stock. Before I did the work above (but with the carb mods) I took the snorkel out and cut out the rest of the top of the airbox. After I did the other stuff, it needed more fuel and air. I cut out a triangular section behind the side panel on the right side of the airbox. Probably a 4" right triangle. I tuned the opening by seat of the pants dyno and ended up covering over a small section of a corner of the opening with duct tape. I could tell a definite difference between before and after. Runs great at all throttle positions. I too want to relocate the battery but the airbox seems like a bad place because it would restrict the airflow from the top. Maybe I could make that opening on the side bigger to compensate but it's running so well right now I don't want to mess it up.
  7. Rich_in_Orlando

    Oil Temp Sensor Spikes after Turning off Engine

    I recommend just shutting the engine off sooner.
  8. Rich_in_Orlando

    Seat concepts

    I just got back from my first ride with the low seat. I have a 30" inseam and with the stock seat I was on my tiptoes if I put both feet down at a stop. With the new seat, I can flat-foot one foot now or I'm on the balls of my feet with both feet down. The seat is just as narrow at the tank as the stock seat, so although it is wider in back, it doesn't make you sit higher in the front. The foam is kind of like a firm memory foam that is more supportive than the stock seat foam. A couple of times today I needed to do a quick turnaround and it was much easier to pivot on one side with my foot down that it would have been doing the same thing on the stock seat.
  9. Rich_in_Orlando

    The cap on my Clarke tank came apart!

    Clarke sells just the rubber piece for way less than a new cap. Cap's probably fine. It's the ethanol eating up the baffle. Mine wore out after several years. Bought a new baffle and everything was good to go again.
  10. Rich_in_Orlando

    XR 650 L Jetting

    What a DJ kit gets you is a new adjustable needle, a lighter spring and a couple of main jets. I used everything but the spring 'cause Dave's mods were already done when I got the kit. Much better than stock. Don't forget to desnorkel and you may even want to consider opening up more of the airbox to allow it to really breathe. I used a hole saw to open up the top of the airbox (under the wires) and the right side of it behind the side panel. Don't worry too much about making it too big. You can always fine tune the size of the opening with duct tape like you see in the photo. Between the top and side mine has about an extra 7 square inches of air inlet area. Plus the snorkel opening.
  11. Rich_in_Orlando

    Quick exhaust question for my XR650L

    Yes it's loud
  12. Rich_in_Orlando

    Questions about adjusting carb

    That sure is down and dirty but it then may lean it out too much and make other symptoms appear that make it seem like it wasn't too rich in the first place.
  13. Rich_in_Orlando

    New exhaust system jet kit or Dave's mods?

    If you don't give it more air, all the high-end racing pipe and mufflers you can buy are not going to make it any better. Combustion air goes through the airbox, plain and simple. If you don't like it you can tape right over it after you do it and nobody knows. If you're worried about water, there is no lower point where water can enter than the bottom point of the airbox on the left side. That's not water proof down there. Or just make hole across the top of the side rather than where I put it. The area of the opening on the side is 6 to 7 sq. in.
  14. Rich_in_Orlando

    New exhaust system jet kit or Dave's mods?

    Of course, Dave's mods are independent of that as well. If I recall correctly, I went bigger on the pilot jet, but I can't say for sure which one I used. I also modded the fuel screw so I can adjust it with gloves on by drilling a small hole through the end and I put a pin in it to make a t-handle.
  15. Rich_in_Orlando

    What the hell...here's some stuff I did to my bike recently

    Who knows, maybe the XL600 header and ATC250R baffle may be the perfect compromise. Low end power is great with this setup. Matter of fact, before I got everything tuned, and certainly before I did any exhaust mods, the bike didn't like to be in 5th gear at any speed below 50. I can run it down to 35 in 5th now and it accelerates cleanly.