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  1. F4ight

    Removing smog canister

  2. F4ight

    3x3 mod Q's

    if you have the total itch to cut a hole, cut the hole to 3x3 and cover it up with duct tape until you install the jet kit.
  3. F4ight

    The Art of Changing Gear!

    If you are in fact at 11 o'clock you are not going to run out of gear as 11 is behind the balance point. Post a pic.
  4. F4ight

    Wheelie Video

    I'd have too look but I think it was like 68 or 70. Something ridiculous as I remember. here are some pics... (they are all of the same bike) http://pages.sbcglobal.net/ehuneke/beezie/sf.jpg http://pages.sbcglobal.net/ehuneke/beezie/down.jpg http://pages.sbcglobal.net/ehuneke/beezie/top.jpg http://pages.sbcglobal.net/ehuneke/stunnin/pics/F4ight.jpg
  5. F4ight

    Just got my 07 SM!

    HAHAHHAA! Rarely do I laugh out loud and I just did.
  6. F4ight

    Wheelie Video

    I have a left over pizza sized sprocket for an F4i... PM me if you are interested.
  7. F4ight

    Where to buy valve shims?

    I was just going to say that... nothing at the stealer is less than a buck.
  8. F4ight

    exhaust leak

    high temp rtv
  9. F4ight

    son of a bi**h!

    reserve price not met.
  10. F4ight

    son of a bi**h!

    Just needed to vent... I was changing the clip position on my needle and as I was putting the little plug back in I pushed too hard and broke the little tangs inside the slide housing. $37 bucks for the part at the stealer and 3 days to get it. I sware this bike is cursed... nothing has gone right since the day I brought it home. arghhhh frustrated. Anyone want to buy a 06 SM with low miles?
  11. F4ight

    SM AFRs?? (eddie)

    Correct spacers... DJ kit# MQ3110.001. I am going to try duct tapping the air box closed to 3"x3" and put the clip back on 2nd position down.
  12. F4ight

    3X3 4X3 4X4.....Does it make a difference??

    That should be in the FAQ with emphisis on exactly 3x3!
  13. F4ight

    SM AFRs?? (eddie)

    Never used one of those... is it worth $130 more than the innovate kit? http://www.widebandcommander.com/productinfo.htm vs. http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/xcart/customer/product.php?productid=16164&cat=262&page=1
  14. F4ight

    3X3 4X3 4X4.....Does it make a difference??

    Here is the million dolla question... suppose one cuts a big ass hole and is able to tune it accordingly... will it make any more power than the 3x3?
  15. F4ight

    SM AFRs?? (eddie)