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  1. Yamaha32

    CRF230L - available for 2010?

    To add to this - now that I've just been thumbing through Honda's Powersports website, it seems like a lot of their bikes, off-road and street, only show 2008 and 2009 models. Is Honda just really that far behind with their website? With 2010 nearly over, and 2011 models coming out? Kinda surprising?
  2. Hi folks - thinking of switching from my current Yamaha TTR230 to the road-legal CRF230L. My question is... did they stop/end production of this bike in 2009? Honda's website lists nothing about a 2010? Just wondering if I should jump on this 2009 leftover that I found... in case they no longer make the bike? Thanks...
  3. Yamaha32

    CRF230L low seat height...

    Geez I must be sleepin'! I didn't even see this bike in Yamaha's '08 lineup! SWEET! (the WR250X is cool too!) Thanks!!
  4. Yamaha32

    CRF230L low seat height...

    Yeah, you're right about that for sure.....
  5. So, is anyone else disappointed in the new CRF230L's low seat height?!!? Why is this bike so low? I own a TTR230, and the seat height is borderline for me... honestly I could use another 1 or 2 inches taller in the seat. I was fumbling around Honda's site, and saw the CRF230L! I immediately at first thought it might be a 230F with a taller seat! I opened it up just to see that the seat height is lower... and MUCH to my surprise that it is road legal! That's great! BUT.... the seat height is 31.9 inches (my TTR is 34.3). That's kinda low... it'd be like getting back on my learner bike, the TTR125L.... Bummer... Oh well. This bike might have had potential for me - a road legal version of my bike would be great! I thought the CRF230L might be just that, but it's looking like it's just too low. I understand that it isn't going to have all the suspension travel as the off-road 230F - but it still stinks to see this bike sit so low. Anyone else bummed/surprised to see this?
  6. Yamaha32

    Who's going to Unadilla this year?

    Funny - I think that's the exact reason right there that there will be a race to watch....We're heading out Sunday - should be fun - and hopefully not as hot as last year!
  7. Yamaha32

    Steve Whitelock and the AMA

    If this goes through - I just mainly feel bad for the manufacturers. They have exerted so much time, effort, engineering, and money into the development and growth of the current 450 machines - making them the strong 4 strokes they are today. .... just to get slapped in the face with this, and have it all go (sort of) to waste and have to start over from scratch with a new 350 platform.
  8. I don't know if anyone has been in the market for one, but I'm looking for a tall seat for a TTR230 ('06)... I'm 5'11, love the bike, but could use another inch or two in the seat! Please post if you know where I could get one! Thanks!
  9. Yamaha32

    Place to ride in upstate NY

    Since nobody really addressed this, I guess I will.We rode at ATVNY all last summer, and it was decent (expensive, but heck it was a trouble-free place to go)... We rode there until one day the troopers stormed in and shut the place down. We weren't there that day, but apparantly the State Troopers came, and told all the patrons to pack up and leave, and that the area was being shut down. What happened was/is a direct result of the adjoining neighbor to the ATVNY property. This woman had been trying for years to get the place shut down, and she finally succeeded... citing numerous so-called legal reasons. She grabbed at every straw possible to get her way. If I remember correctly, there were noise complaints by her, and she fanagled her way into somehow making it so that ATVNY was operating illegallly. This woman has been a thorn in the side of the Lembo Lake folks for quite some time. I am not sure exactly what is going on with the property at this time, but I do believe it is still closed to riders. Currently the website says... "All riders call for information!" I'm not quite sure what to make of that..........
  10. Yamaha32

    New York MX tracks?

    Ace Motocross, Diamondback MX, and Walden MX are all basically next door to each other down in the Modena area. - www.acemotocross.com Eagle Bridge MX - www.ebmx.net
  11. Yamaha32

    Facts about NJ

    LOL... I read this whole post waiting for this one the entire time...
  12. Yamaha32

    Official: RC to Nascar!

    :thumbsdn: I'm LMAO over here..... this is completely rediculous.... I can't stand RC, and NASCAR is just awful. Match made in heaven I guess! This is just funny. Sorry, just my humble opinion!
  13. Yamaha32

    Any Thumpettes from NY?

    I know it's quite late in the season to be looking for a riding buddy/partners... but just wondering if there's any fellow females out there from the New York area. I'm getting quite tired of not being able to ride while my fiance' works on weekends. I have ridden alone before, but I prefer not to.... So where ya at, ladies?
  14. Yamaha32

    Albany New York

    Here you go. Scroll down under the boats section.http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dle/instructionspage.htm
  15. Yamaha32

    My first road ride alone

    Nice.. glad you had a good time. Was this on a TTR230? If so... you're SO lucky to be able to ride that bike on the road!! I WISH I could ride mine on the road.......