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  1. maydog

    Chain Guide

    The chain guide bracket broke off my sons crf 150 rb swingarm! The bracket was only tacked welded in two spots so it snapped of and was wonder where I could get one so I could weld it on my self! worst case I'll try and fab one up! Any help would be grateful Thanks1
  2. maydog

    2008 Service Manual

    Just recently bought a 2008 Crf 150r/expert and was wondering if anyone out there had a service manual on a pdf file they could share with me! Thanks for your help!
  3. maydog

    Radiator repair

    Mylers for sure they have fixed three of mine each time no more then $75.00 . And it's a one day turn around. Was out at hollister and dropped my bike radiator guards and braces still got a leak on my wr 450 first day on a four day weekend so i grab the pepper out of the motorhome and rode the rest of the weekend and the next weekend.
  4. maydog

    New look wanted

    Hello everyone, Just a quick little question about plastic where kind I find white one for a 2006 wr 450 and If they don't make them which ones can be modified to work. Thanks
  5. maydog

    Front Wheel Whinning Noise On De-accel

    I just had the same noise start on mine, I knew it was not the front brake but I could not pin point the location. Thanks for the info:thumbsup:
  6. maydog

    white brothers E2 on a wr 450

    I've got the same pipe on my 06 wr450 and the pipe is great but my tire rubs on it when I jump and bottom out. So i put a spacer behind the bracket to move the pipe over . would of thought White Brothers would have seen that.
  7. maydog

    HOLY CRAP, What a Christmas!!!!!!

    Stay true to the Blue,and now your Red is dead.
  8. maydog

    White Bros E-series?

    I never had touched a carb in my life and followed the forums directions and jetted it in no time maybe took 45 min. jd jetting kit is easy.
  9. maydog

    Team Scream "A Bike" recent Mods

    now that's how it done good job bother:applause:
  10. maydog

    unabiker rad guard

    Just got My new radiator guards for unabiker and they fit like a glove, On my 06 Wr450. I heard different stories on all the different guards but had no problems. Thanks to all who post there stories.
  11. maydog

    repair a cracked casing

    Thank for the insight I have a mig welder just was trying to find the out if there was a aluminum brazing rod to oxy/ace welded to try and keep the heat down. Kind like the rod Mylers fixs radiators with. thanks
  12. Looking for some advise to go about repairing a crack in the casing? Does anyone know if there is a braing rod out there where a can braze the crack.It $280 for a new one just wanted to save a buck or two.Called Mylers and they said they think it could be maganizium cast I don't think so might send it to them to try anyway.