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  1. djones

    need coil wiring help

    can someone here identify which wire is the ground side of the ignition coil for an 07 crf250 coil? Im trying to use one on an unrelated project, and dont have the harness. Just need to know which pin is ground and power? Thanks in advance.
  2. djones

    FCR-40MX Carb - Awesome Upgrade

    I ordered a hadfull of jets from JetsRus, will post up my results when I get there... Couldnt find the NCVT needle on their site, so I grabbed an OCEMN as some people reported good results with them. We will see.
  3. djones

    FCR-40MX Carb - Awesome Upgrade

    Any thoughts on how these jetting recomendations apply to a FCR40 on an XR600? Cant be much different the the 650 right?
  4. This is my first season on a xr650r and love it. I agree, its very easy to start, hasnt overheated on me yet and makes great power. Handles road work very well (I ride it to work on a daily basis ~45 miles each way). Off road it feels pretty light and nimble for a full size bike. Last bike I had was a DRZ400, and the Big XR feels equally comfortable off road, if not a little more capable. I recommend it, with the exception of needing some help in the electrical/lighting department.
  5. djones

    Who says trials isn't dangerous?

    Yeah, I messed up my ankle pretty bad last October riding trials. Just playing around and a small vertical climb that the experts were blasting up, and I thought I could hang with them...got a little too confident and tried a line that was over my head...ended up throwing the bike and having the the rear tire clip my right foot while the bike was flipping around engine wide open in second gear. Worse sprain Ive ever had, took a good 6-8 weeks to be able to walk on it with out pain. And that happened while wearing a pair of thor moto-x boots (Im pretty guilty of riding in work boots when playing around the house, lucky I wasnt wearing work boots that time)
  6. djones

    F2 shoes for your 650

    Id like to see some pics of the project if you get a chance. I have a set of F2 rims that I was thinking about putting on my XRR, just havent got around to sizing up the project.
  7. djones

    XR650R skid plate on an XR650L?

    what would be the advantage? If you have to buy one, then just get the right one for your bike. If you already have one left over from another bike, than try it and see.
  8. djones

    Ever find anything wierd on a DS ride?

    You found two hotties stranded washed up on a sandbar with a cooler full of beer and rescued them....and the best you could do was a couple free drinks at a bar???
  9. djones

    Who has shipped a bike?

    I bought my Montesa last year and had it shipped from Illinois to NH for under $200. I asked the seller to partially disassemble the bike and put in boxes. I received two boxes via UPS and spent an afternoon putting the bike back together. I think it was worth it, and it gave me a chance to inspect/clean and relube lots of important parts (wheel bearings, swing arm,linkage), and generaly get to know the bike.
  10. djones

    XRR saga: a tale of not enough dirt.

    Why not SM it? Would make one hell of a mean street bike, and with the right tires (distanzas) could hit some gravel/dirt roads if you ever find them near you. by the way, did you sell the old tank already?
  11. djones

    Sexy in Black

    Mine came with a 496 on it. I haven't rode the BRP with out it, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but the previous owner who put the pipe on said it was comparable to the stock can w/ the HRC open tip. He thought the 496 was a little quieter and definitely lighter. Id say it makes good power and isnt too loud. I might try swapping on the stock can this summer just compare.
  12. I saw it too. I can only guess that it was deleted because it was a post for another on-line vendor instead of the TT store. Maybe not...just a guess
  13. djones

    Companies that DO give good service

    Dont forget Forrest and Amy over at Wheelingcyclesupply By far the best customer service I have received and I think with a quick search here at TT, you will find MANY other people who agree. A big thumbs up to Wheeling Cycle
  14. djones

    lil tail light

    wheeling cycle supply has a nice DRC unit for $20 that is a LED tail/Brake light with harness. It is designed to fit in the stock XR tail lights. Fits perfect and is very bright.
  15. Just thought I would bump this thread to see if anyone has put any miles on with these beads that balance their tires? Do they work well? Are you using them with Tubes or tubeless tires?