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  1. texas-dr

    this is what everyone wants

    US Highland Motorcycles Partners Die in Plane Crash by Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" on 7/12/2010 in Motorcycle Business Chase Bales, Damian Riddoch, and Mats Malmberg were all killed Saturday night when the plane, piloted by Chase Bales crashed in a wooded area. They were coming from a business meeting in Pontiac, Mich., and were originally scheduled to land at Jones Riverside Airport. The pilot requested to land at Tulsa International Airport instead, but did not say why, police said. The pilot said over the radio that the aircraft was low on fuel just before it crashed into a heavily wooded area of the park at about 10 p.m. Saturday, police said. The trio had just established U.S. Highland Motorcycles, setting up a manufacturing facility in Oklahoma and early tests of the bikes have been receiving high praise. This is a terrible blow to the company and our sincerest condolences to all of the families of the men and to the entire U.S. Highland community.
  2. texas-dr

    this is what everyone wants

    detuned to 85hp, only 22 lbs heavier than their 450 single. http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/firstrides/122_1008_2011_highland_desert_x_enduro/index.html http://image.motorcyclistonline.com/f/29692258/122_1008_04_o+2011_highland_desert_x_enduro+left_side_view.jpg
  3. texas-dr

    Suzuki ST500?

    i would kill anyone of you for that TS-400. it has a some what tamed tm-400 engine in it.
  4. texas-dr

    Sprocket Question

    if you ride dirt a lot, than the 14 would be cool,,, BUT if you need 70 on the street i would just go 2 teeth larger on the rear & leave the 15 tooth on the front. sounds like you want to keep some street speed, like me. with a stock rear and 16 tooth counter i got 120 mph indicated. as shown here --->
  5. texas-dr

    Allen head plug in front of oil drain?

    its a port to check oil-pressure. o jeff, thanks for helping me with my fender yesterday. yep, that was me.
  6. texas-dr

    DR Motard Gearing

    anywhere i go in texas is freeway, minimum speed is ~75mph so a 16 helps alot.
  7. texas-dr

    DR Motard Gearing

    i kept stock rear sprocket and spent $15.00 for a 520 16 tooth counter-shaft sprocket. it works just fine, easy 80mph cruise on highway. there is a little drop on acceleration but i like bikes with some top end. i still ride off-road with no problems. when i buy all 520 stuff , iam going with 16 teeth front & 41 teeth rear. iam sure i will pick up some power with the lighter 520 stuff. iam talking Renthal. but to just find out how you like it, spend 15.00 on a 520 counter-shaft sprocket and go from there.
  8. so i bolted a 520, 16 tooth counter-shaft sprocket to a 525 chain & rear sprocket. it seems to roll smooth with no strange noises. the 525 stuff has 11k miles on them. has anyone else done this? thats the gearing setup i had when i did the 120mph video on YouTube. it seems to work just fine. when i buy new iam going with all 520, but was curious if anyone else was doing this.
  9. texas-dr

    DR-650 chain guide ...

    i know manufacturers do EVERYTHING to save money, but that chain guide is there for a reason. they evidently felt it needed to be there. what reason, i have no clue. but since it is there, i would leave it alone.
  10. texas-dr

    DR-650 chain guide ...

    imagine going just 70mph around a curve and having the chain come off and lock the rear tire. could get ugly quick
  11. texas-dr

    Squeeking sound from the rear of my DR???

    hell yea he does, needs to put a mouse-trap on his rear tire.
  12. texas-dr

    Jumping River Levees with the DR650

    since these levees are of standard size & shape, riders from all over the country could send in their pics & videos jumping these things. for those of you who like to jump motorcycles, these levees are the best thing i have found. you dont have to build anything and you have a long sloping side to land on.
  13. texas-dr

    Jumping River Levees with the DR650

    this hill that iam jumping is a Army Corp Of Engineers LEVEE. i have found out that they are all built to the same specifications. iam sure you probably have one right in you backyard. so lets see some pictures of those who "really" know how to jump!
  14. texas-dr

    Jumping River Levees with the DR650

    yea, the top is a road thats 16ft wide and 20ft high. the road iam riding at the end is actually the top off this jump. iam clearing all that before touching down halfway on the other side. its about a 35 ft jump all in all. clearing the top looks like its only 2ft but what is happening is the point of takeoff is about 4ft lower than the top. when you see the side view of me coming over the top, nothing is touching ground.