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  1. cr977

    how should i spend it?

    completly missed the part about missing a carb, yes, the bike must have a major problem for him to take the carb off and sell it as is. probably bought the bike rode the f*&% out of it and when it broke he took it apart and is selling it as is for a rediculously low price. i wount buy it, even for a 2 stroke 900 is very low, especially for how new it is.
  2. cr977

    how should i spend it?

    i would not spend it on pipes, reeds, and an air filter, that is not where you get your power from. now that the rule has changed for 125s, why dont you buy a big bore 144 kit for it? athena sells one for like 600$, and there you have a fresh top end and plenty of power. with the rest of the money i would get a suspension revalve, and start saving for tires, fuel, and replacement parts
  3. i couldnt tell you what it is packed with but i can tell you that an end cap usally quiets it down 1 or 2 decibles nothing huge, unless of course it was a quiet insert. a spark arestor quieted down my rm125 quite a bit, i put a full silencer with a spark arestor, but it must have been a 2-4 db difference and you can totally tell the difference.
  4. in the end, it all comes down to what you would rather dodge, a 200 pound skinny bike or a 400 pound wide quad?
  5. cr977


    all i can say is you hit alot of rocks, jump ridiculous jumps, or are way to big for the bike. i never had those kind of problems on my ttr, didnt break a single one and i thought i rode mine pretty hard. i would say you are to big for the bike or you push it beyond its limits. i would get a bigger bike or one that is designed to do what you do.
  6. cr977

    rm125 vs ltz400

    yes, quads benifit from those kind of mods alot more than bikes do.
  7. cr977

    Favorite Grips

    i prefer renthal full diamond grips, they are kind of expensive but last quite a while and offer great traction. i thought they would fill with mud really quick and become worthless but it is actually quite the oppossite. great grips:thumbsup:
  8. they ride 50s as pitbikes which is totally different, but its ok if you are getting it to learn on. i mastered my ttr125 and when i moved to my cr80 it was like starting all over again, looking back i wish i would have jumped right to the 80 instead of starting on the 125. and when you are in the air, you need to get a more controlled stance, on that little jump its fine but when you start going for bigger jumps you need to stand up more so that you can manuver(sp?) the bike better in the air. and when you are coming up to the jump, you need to be getting up and setting yourself up for the jump. overall, you did a good job for your first jump. but someone suggested getting an 85cc two stroke, if you are running on a limited budget, it is the best choice, if you are on a fairly high budget, i would reccomend a crf150r (not a 150F), the crf150r is alot of fun believe it or not.
  9. cr977

    Need help to fight the hype

    race him on a nuetral track that neither of you have alot of experience on, make the date that next weekend so neither of you can get an advantage on the other, agree upon a time so that you both show up at the same time, both of you can only have 3 practice laps, then have a no bullshit no excuse 5 lap race, whoever crosses the finish line first wins no exceptions or excuses. you win you have bragging rights, he cant say anything. he wins he has bragging rights YOU cannot say anything. the thing about this type of race is you cant come back here and vent if he beats you, if he wins he wins, no excuses. good luck
  10. the single cam engine:thumbsup:
  11. i did not get a response in the other forum so i just decided i am going to get a 450 4 stroke, but now i dont know if i should get an 03 or 04 and mod it to my liking(suspension revalve, mabe a new piston and rings, get the top end checked) or should i just spend all my money on an 05 or 06
  12. cr977

    What to do while it's raining

    i go ride, when it is raining the conditions are rapidly changing, that makes it challenging, fun IMO.
  13. cr977

    first bike to learn and prep on....

    alright, i know im going to get flamed here, and i know everyone is going to say im wrong. but here it is, i think you should look into a gsxr750, a liter bike would kill you the first time you got curious about the throttle, a quarter turn of the throttle on a liter bike will have you doing 75mph in first gear in a wheelie. but you say you think you are to big for a 600, so why not split the difference? i doubt you will ever be board of the 750, it is still very very fast! but if you want a dual sport bike get a drz.
  14. cr977

    I'm Done!

    i understand the argument about cc per cc the 2 stroke is faster, but a 4 stroke makes usable power, a 70hp two stroke would probably waste a quarter of its power through a lack of traction where a 4 stroke can use most of the power it puts down. i agree cc per cc a 2 stroke will spank a 4 stroke, but a 250f making 45hp will beat a 250 2 stroke making 45 hp because it will get better traction. but then again, its the rapid unpredictable power that 2 strokes make that makes them so fun to ride. who dosnt love 3rd and fourth gear roll on power wheelies on a 250 2 stroke. to the original poster of this thread, if you want to have fun, and are not mechanically inclined, get a 2 stroke. if you dont mind working on your bike and like to win, keep your 4 stroke. and again price keeps coming up, if you can check your own valves, change your own oil, and ride respectfuly you will not really pay any more than for a 2 stroke. personally, i almost like working on bikes more than i like riding them, and a 2 stroke is not a challenge to my mechanical abilities whatsoever.
  15. cr977

    I'm Done!

    i agree with you partially but you would think that 2 strokes would still be the bikes winning if they where competitive with 4 strokes. the truth is, 4 strokes are just to good, its been proven time and time again. and like i had stated, i like both 2 and 4 strokes not dissing either one, just putting it out there that 4 strokes are not half as bad or as unreliable as some people claim. alot of people seem to come out and dis 4 strokes every time a 2 stroke thread comes up and im here to say they are both good, but 4 strokes are more popular than 2 strokes for a reason. and as far as prices are concerned, i know several very fast riders that have their bikes last for a long time, their secret is not using the rev limiter.