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  1. This is correct. Mine had not failed but as preventive maintenance I just did mine on my '17 FE450. Only difference is make sure to use the Brembo spring (its a larger diameter) and the Brembo piston uses an Oring instead of the seal like the Magura. Mine had a good chunk of white grease in the slave unit. Also the fluid did not smell like typical brake fluid. Works as good or better as original after a short ride. I will know more after this weekend.
  2. FYI Oberon site is back working with the 2017 Husqvarna clutch slaves.
  3. I sent an email to Oberon but no reply. I will update if/when I get a reply. Also, I miss-wrote 501 instead of the KTM 500 Brembo.
  4. I tried ordering the Oberon slave to replace the stock slave on my 17 FE450 but it appears they have removed it from their site. Even searching with the CLU-1000 part number shows no results. Looks like going with the 501 brembo internal parts is the next best option.
  5. It sounds like you may need to adjust your fuel air screw.
  6. PDL

    2007 crf450x starter problem

    Since you have changed the brushes in the starter and it started right up when you bypassed the relay I agree a new relay might be the fix. Update when you can.
  7. PDL

    2007 crf450x starter problem

    Are you sure it is the starter relay making the noise? If it is I would replace the relay. If it does not help then you might look at the starter clutch. I believe you can hear the starter clutch engaging/disengaging on the right side behind the kick starter.
  8. Not normal, have you done any work to the bike recently? Timing wise in particular?
  9. PDL

    Same oil in motor and tranny

    I run Honda HP4M 10-40 in engine and Honda Red Bottle 85-90w (full liter) in trans. I have run Shell Rotella in engine but it makes me feel better using the HP4M.
  10. PDL

    450x cutting out Help!!!

    You might look at the electrical connections under seat and behind headlight. I had a similar issue and found the six wire white connector had corrosion on the connections. Just a thought.
  11. PDL

    New Piston - Which brand? OEM? Other?

    I go with OEM piston and rings. Ive not needed a cylinder after 2 pistons. Go with stainless steel valves with a good shop doing the cutting and head work. My two cents..
  12. PDL

    05 450x exhaust valves .03mm loose

    I was invoiced for TRX valves is all I can say. The shop currently rebuilding the head said the intakes were high flow valves. Doesn't sound like a stock TRX valve. I'm not sure of the make of the springs. From what he said they did appear to be after market but he was not positive.
  13. PDL

    05 450x exhaust valves .03mm loose

    Here is a picture of the valve and spring. Just talked to the rebuilder and he said he has seen this a couple of times before. Now to decide if a new crank and bearings are in order. Thanks
  14. PDL

    05 450x exhaust valves .03mm loose

    It was new according to the shop that did the valve job. The shop had a good reputation at the time but I've had a couple of issues with them. But in their defense, I did put about 134 hours on the head before the spring failed.
  15. PDL

    05 450x exhaust valves .03mm loose

    Just as information the left intake spring broke, causing the failure. Looks like a stock spring was used with the TRX 36mm intake....