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  1. Nobody needs that many trucks! You didn't build that!
  2. I've seen rattlers, bobcats, wild turkey, pigs, and deer. Oh, and coyotes. A medium-sized pig almost took me out one time, ran into the side of my bike at an angle and bounced off, had to lift my leg up or he would have nailed me, l just kept on the gas.
  3. xrMike


    Pffffft, pretty sure I could beat that little munchkin on my 450...
  4. xrMike

    Think it's worth it?

    It's a quad, dude. Don't be that guy who rides a quad. Before you know it, you'll be calling it a "bike" and it'll be just... embarrassing for you.
  5. xrMike

    why can't i reply to my own thread?

    Wut? You're f'ing with me, right?!? Seriously, I can't see multiple replies to my "whites... " thread. They show up in my Notifications, but when I go to the thread, the last post there is by user "DRS", nothing after that. This jives with other users saying they also cannot see my replies to that thread (which also never show up for me... ) I checked my settings for Ignored Users and there's nobody on it. I signed myself OUT and logged back in (per HeavyRotation's post in another thread) -- no change. I think TT has some issues with the DB (or something else) that go above and beyond my general level of stupidity. No biggy, just letting you know there's something wrong up in here... Every time I try to post to that thread, I see this error msg: New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 15 seconds before submitting.
  6. xrMike

    why can't i reply to my own thread?

    Very weird, I know. I might try one last time later, but not a big deal. I'm not seeing Flag's latest post in that thread either (per his comment above). Last one I see is from DRS, posted "7 hours ago"... Database issue? Oh well, I did pick the blue pill instead of the red pill, so this is to be expected I guess.
  7. xrMike

    why can't i reply to my own thread?

    Yeah! Was trying to reply to you and dcmetro, but there's a glitch in the matrix... Attention TT Deep State: I am very sorry I colluded with the russianz. And that I sexually harassed that hottie I worked with one time when I was 23 years old... Please forgive!
  8. xrMike

    why can't i reply to my own thread?

    Deep State! They are everywhere!
  9. xrMike

    why can't i reply to my own thread?

    Tried several times over couple hours... keep getting same error message (see above...)
  10. New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 6 seconds before submitting.
  11. "Kosts Too Much" will be even more true (but less funny for KTM lovers) than it was before.
  12. xrMike

    Anaheim1 results hint at Honda's future

    Dude, you go way back... I remember your very informative XR-400 posts many from years ago. Good to see you're still around.
  13. xrMike

    Check your oil!

    Memories, may be beautiful and yet... Good luck with your project.
  14. xrMike

    Advice dressing wound

    I've done that before, folded up paper towel and duct tape, and it has the added benefit of boosting your testosterone too. Wifey is a surgical / ER nurse, and she says they often use superglue (or the medical equivalent) to close up wounds.