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  1. 5nine8

    Yet another Starting Issue

    Ok I've searched on here and i'm still not sure why its so hard to start I just installed a JE 13:5:1 Piston, New Kibble white valves, springs and retainers, Cut the Valve seats, and porting. Well i got it back together and I think the compression seams low(just by feel) Valve clearance is spot on Timing marks are Aligned ANY OTHER IDEAS? Jetting? but why the low compression Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks Eric
  2. 5nine8


    Not sure if you ordered yet but the guy that does my graphics is very reasonable.. www.jjwdesigns.com and does some awesome work! Decal is way to high
  3. 5nine8

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    Been out off Big Bikes for awhile but here is my 06 250F i redoing FMF Duals w/ megabomb and motor bling next 07 head W/ KW SS valves, Ported by SPM-Racing Hot Cams Stage 2 JE 13:5:1 piston DNA Rims/Hubs PM me for any other info you might be interested in... Before: After:
  4. 5nine8

    klx 110 disc brakes in the rear

    you can use a 65 rear wheel and Gary marshall from sik tendencies racing. He makes an adapter kit for them that works great!
  5. 5nine8

    Need To Get My New 110 Track Ready... Suggestions?

    hey i remember that frame... lol.. looks good!
  6. 5nine8

    footpeg mounts

    Stay away from Brand X Minis Stuff... its "what you pay for" You have to grind material off the pegs in order for them to sit level just my .02 Eric
  7. 5nine8

    what do you know about cams???

    yx cam for sure.. What about gearing it what size you running on the back? Eric
  8. 5nine8

    klx110 engine fit

    Not even close... Would be easier to fabricate the 110 frame to accept the 65 swingarm and shock, and buy clamps from BRP or Pax Racing..
  9. 5nine8

    Brand x swingarm/ shock

    It is.... Eric SPM-Racing
  10. 5nine8

    Suspension Upgrade Suggestions

    Just an extended I SHOCK will work w/ the 60 forks but i'd recomend getting a little bit longer swingarm such as a SANO +2 Eric SPM-Racing
  11. 5nine8

    just got klx110

    Tall bars foot peg mount Pro Circuit pipe Kx 60 forks w/ aggressive springs (ebay) extended Ishock Sano +2 Swingarm Trial Bikes 143 Bigbore kit (Big Valve head, cylinder, cam, carb, intake) (ebay) primary gear drive heavy duty clutch springs Clutch That should give you a good start right in your price range. Look on ebay you can always find good deals on there. Eric
  12. 5nine8

    just got klx110

    You don't need to split the cases for a shift star or the primary gear. just a little FYI Eric SPM-Racing
  13. 5nine8

    KLX 110 parts

    www.minibikeoutlet.com www.chpusa.net This place is pretty cheap.. if not the cheapest i've found siktendenciesracing.com
  14. 5nine8

    Keihin 28mm Carb Value?

    Anybody know what a Brand New Keihin PE 28mm Carb is worth?
  15. 5nine8

    I need stock exhaust for 2003 KLX110 in so.calif

    I have mine and could ship it to you? if your intrested shoot me a price folty598@hotmail.com