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  1. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    how red is too hot? Glowing Ti pipe on 290kit

    so your saying when you ride your pipe isnt heating up? im pretty sure exhaust companies know how hot a header can get and build it so it can withstand those temperatures..... its not like the header will just break out of no where, it will have to be hit with something to bend or break, so just get a pipe guard and your fine
  2. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    Light speed carbon fibor

    i have the carbon fiber frame guards. i dont recommend them because the clear coat wears down and will expose the carbon fiber, so you need to re-spray them every so often
  3. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    Sick CRF150R!

    yea it does make me sick doesnt even look good
  4. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    Called Yamaha USA today about BOG!!!!!

    well it would be very hard for someone to tell you exactly whats wrong with your bike over the phone without seeing/ experiencing it. theres many factors that will cause a bog. i agree with yamaha, you will need to take it to a dealer so they can see it and check everything out.
  5. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    Edge MX ride friday. Check it out!

    where in there did i say i was amazing i simply asked a question, that track looks very easy and no one is riding fast, i mean hes just crusing around it, you can tell
  6. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    Hooray! Another streetbike!

    then things are slowwwww
  7. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    Edge MX ride friday. Check it out!

    why does it look like a beginners track everyone is going so slow on it too
  8. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    YZ 250f need help asap

    check valves
  9. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    canadian mx

    the canadian racing seems like they are goin slow to me, maybe its the tracks or something but there no action and it looks like they are riding slow
  10. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    Rausch Creek

    its very hard packed and it will be really dusty if theres 4 wheelers riding the tracks are alrite tho, not the best and not the worst
  11. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    James Stewart Penalty Revealed

    i think all these rules are dumb its all a part of racing they need to stop making all these stupid rules. the riders know its a risky sport, they dont need to try and make it safe. its the chance they take
  12. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    how to find tdc

    i didnt know i could tie up my crankshaft so it dont move..... look in your manual, it will tell u everything u need to know
  13. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    V-MOTO or V3??

    if you want good airflow and great protection.....buy an Arai
  14. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    what bike for me???

    06 or 07 yz250f..... you wont be disappointed
  15. XprocircuitYZ250fX

    helmet law??

    manufacters say to replace your helmet even if its dropped its not the law, but youd be pretty dumb to use the same helmet after you wrecked in it. i mean you save 150-200 bucks, but then your dishing out 20-30 grand for medical bills......use your head