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  1. mxtwoeight

    Shoulder Problems

    After dislocating my shoulder for the second time in 1 month and half, I am trying to work it out with the stretch bands, I basically do a couple different motions to work all the muscles out, but when I go in an up motion my shoulder will crack sometimes and when i pull towards me it will also sometimes crack. Is this bad at all?
  2. mxtwoeight

    What should I get, ssr or xr50?

    It's a jialing motor. I'm leaning towartds the ssr a little but the honda I think may be more reliable, Its such a tough choice. Is the ssr a lot louder?
  3. mxtwoeight

    What should I get, ssr or xr50?

    I was going to build a couple jumps for it, and I also will use it occasionally at the track, and jsut for cruisn around. Pretty much an all around pitbike. But what I want to know is how reliable is the ssr?
  4. mxtwoeight

    What should I get, ssr or xr50?

    Is the ssr reliable at all? Also where do you get parts for it? Is it that much faster than the xr50?
  5. mxtwoeight

    What should I get, ssr or xr50?

    Where can you get parts for the ssr pitbikes?
  6. mxtwoeight

    What should I get, ssr or xr50?

    jialing motor too.
  7. mxtwoeight

    What should I get, ssr or xr50?

    They are the silver forks on the ssr b2 125, but im not sure the motor? Whats my best bet? Which is more reliable and are ssr's easy to get parts for?
  8. mxtwoeight

    What should I get, ssr or xr50?

    xr motor is stock and id have to ask the guy selling it.
  9. mxtwoeight

    What should I get, ssr or xr50?

    I found a 2006 ssr b2 125 for sale and the guy wants 700, and I also found a 2003 xr50 with red baron frame, joker bar set, and stiffer springs for 650? WHat do you think I am better off getting?
  10. mxtwoeight

    Dr Sanders, I need help

    Alright, but I'm saying does the surgery involve and insiscion or arthoscopic. My dad had the same problem and they did an arthiscopic tightening of the capsule and that didn't work so they had to cut an insiscion. The doctor was saying soemthing of the labia may be torn off the bone so my my humerous isnt staying in. Im going to get MRI's and then should I send them to you so you can see what needs to be done then I will have to arrange a surgery. I just want to know what is up before I go through with it. But your saying it will be as good as new? like right now I cant throw a baseball without it popping out, and before I could. SO like will I be able to go back to baseball?
  11. mxtwoeight

    Dr Sanders, I need help

    What is involved in the process that you would do? Also how long would it be until I have full range, and then how long until I can ride. Right now I am in a sling from my shoulder dislocation yesterday, the orthopedist said 4 weeks until I can ride 2 until I can take the sling off, does that sound right?
  12. mxtwoeight

    Dr Sanders, I need help

    OK, Im in a problem. Ever since I got hit by a car my shoudlers have been subluxing, but yesterday my rigth shoulder dislocated for the first time serving a volleyball in gym,so I went to the hospital to have it put in place. Now my doctor says another 4 weeks of no riding. I was talking to him about surgery and he said he could only do one shoudler at a time and I would be immboilized for a certain amount of time and no riding for atleast 4 months. Now I know you ave told me you could do both shoulders at the same time, but what would be involved in the procedure? and would I be immobilized. I kind of want to get a brace to prevent subluxing until I get surgery, which I would like to get in September. But, How long would It be till I could ride fully again with no problems after the surgery? Also would it prevent them from subluxing and coming out ever again? Im having dye injected in both my shoulders and having an mri done sometime this week. Is there any sublux proof braces you know of? My doctor was saying stuff about not riding again and it doesnt seem to know what hes talking about so I am looking for a new doctor who specializes in the field. Thanks
  13. mxtwoeight

    box trailers

    I have a 6x10 with a tool box, workbench, cabinets, and a locker and it can just haul 3 bikes. Its ideal for 1-2 because u can still have room to work on your bikes in the trailer. I face them all forward too. The middle chock is a little farther up then the side ones.
  14. mxtwoeight

    radiator fluid

    I have been using just regular radiator fluid for a car. Is this fine or is there some advantage over a different brand? I'm just going to buy the already diluted stuff so its already reADY TO go in the radiator.
  15. mxtwoeight

    lock ring

    My sag is 30 mm off and I really need to adjust it but there is a big problem! I sprayed down the lockrin complelty with wd-40 and put the bike on the stand and hit the lockring counterclockwise with a big philips head screw driver, but it has a completely rounded head. As I hit it about 100 times counterclockwise it would not budge at all. the only thing moving is the metal on the lockring is getting destroyed and i DONT WANT TO BREAK IT OFF OR ELSE IM SCREWED!. I do not know why this is not coming off how can I do it?