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  1. HondaMX117

    Heart rate monitor ??

    this is the information i have been using, so far so good. this is the monitor i ordered and it works great so far: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/ree/rate.html
  2. So after reading all this I bought mine, will be coming in the mail tomorrow. Can't wait.
  3. HondaMX117

    Post your workout

    M - 1 hr bike ride (working on increasing time), ride evening T - HIIT (Weights, Running or Swimming), ride evening W - 1 hr bike ride, ride evening Th - HIIT (Weights, Swimming), ride evening F - 1 hr bike ride, ride evening Sat - Ride Sun - Ride I don't end up riding every single day, it's usually 4-5 times a week. I also like to take a day off and mainly listen to my body for that. Started using a heart rate monitor as well, I'm in HORRIBLE shape according to it
  4. HondaMX117

    braking before corners

    that was the first "professional" track i ever rode... it was a blast..i ended up clearing the big tabletops there but those downhill doubles were ruthless..it was muddy to so my brakes weren't nearly reliable enough ..that track is awesome though
  5. HondaMX117

    How to gain weight?

    Start doing core exercises with these three being the most important: squats, deadifts, and bench press. (emphasis on the squats) The reason being that these exercises will stimulate a large amount of your body at one time and cause A LOT of growth. The next step is to eat right. Diet is everything if you want to grow. Take in 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight throughout the day. Really not as hard as it might sound actually, get a hold of some whey protein and take a scoop before and after your workouts. That's about 48g right there. Your next step is to either drink a bunch of milk before sleep or to buy some casein protein (musclemilk i.e.) and mix that with milk and take it before sleep. The reason being that casein is absorbed slowly so overnight when your body is repairing itself you have a consistent supply of protein. The next thing you need to do is make sure that you are eating the right amount of calories. If you don't mind getting some fat along with your muscle gains then gorge on anything. If you want to keep it clean then figure out your daily caloric needs and add maybe 300-500 calories to that each day. You'll gain weight and granted that you eat right/workout right you will get bigger AND much stronger. good luck
  6. HondaMX117

    Anyone here run?

    hey guys.. I'm 18 and have ridden maybe 5 times in the past year : / That's mainly because of a bad accident that left the entire family scared but... I've gotten the ok from parents to pick it up again so I'm happy and also having to train again. During that year off I became a shell of my former self, I played World of Warcraft which essentially is the seed of a ruined life. I've got weight to lose now and in addition to riding I am running.. This is what I've learned if you want to run a certain pace over the course of a certain period of time; Instead of just running fast at the beginning and walking the end try splitting the entire 24 minute period into periods of high intensity and low intensity. Eliminate the walking over time but toss it in the run in 30 sec or 1 min intervals. After a few weeks you'll be running the whole thing, no walking, and hopefully at your desired pace. It's good to be back
  7. HondaMX117

    Do you have the best picture?

    i'm very special. btw i haven't posted here in awhile. so hello.
  8. HondaMX117

    @the wire timing problems

    the live timing is working perfect right now but i can't get the live webcast going...its repeating southwick but not glen helen
  9. HondaMX117

    Roost Shots!!.... Lets See Them!

    this is me busting out a magazine shot yesterday...i wish it was for a magazine
  10. HondaMX117

    MX Video

    was some of the helmet cam like fast forwarded or something, i dont know but sometimes it seemed kinda...too quick. Anyways cool vid those jumps were pretty sweet
  11. HondaMX117

    MX Video

    was some of the helmet cam like fast forwarded or something, i dont know but sometimes it seemed kinda...too quick. Anyways cool vid those jumps were pretty sweet
  12. HondaMX117

    throttle combo

    i'll second that and if you get the tokyomods mods to go with it you'll be happy
  13. HondaMX117

    stupid kids

    she must have flown pretty far out of the camera's view and then maybe she skid for awhile or maybe she hit a slide and went flying...
  14. HondaMX117

    mountain biking...

    i also have a hardrock and have to say that it is a pretty good bike for what you are paying for. I bought mine for 350.
  15. HondaMX117

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    my precious...needs new graphics/plastics before... (thunder valley) and after...(back home) it is an 06 but dr. d hooked me up w/ their exhaust...the only thing i miss is the top end power