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  1. kstout4life

    I have a 2002 YZ250 Aluminum Frame

    Maybe the pep boys let one slip
  2. kstout4life

    I have a 2002 YZ250 Aluminum Frame

    That vin deff looks like a hand punch job. The numbers are all over the place. They used a good engraving punch kit though. Not a harbor freight kind :p Someone probably bought it without a title and used theirs or someone elses to transfer it into their name
  3. kstout4life

    2005 RM250 total rebuild

    Man howd you get it so clean??
  4. kstout4life

    07 carb removal

    Yes I am talking about the adapter from the carb to the head. I wanted to peak inside to the valve track to see how clean it was. But didnt want to tear half the bike apart. Guess its easier to do that.
  5. kstout4life

    07 carb removal

    Do you guys cut an allen wrench down to get the stupid bolt odd from the carb to the head? Why would someone design this?
  6. kstout4life

    Gsxr750 in an 01 yz426 frame

    You could chop the back bone of the frame and lengthen it to extend the front out.
  7. kstout4life

    Engine Seized when it cooled it was fine

    I had bad crank bearings do that. They heat up and swell past tolerance then lock up. Either the bearings or crank is going. Sorry to say that dude sold you a ready to blow bike. I would replace the crank and bearings all at once. You already have it that far totem apart might as well
  8. kstout4life

    Getting 2010 250f to rev and run like 2012

    Why not put an intake cam in? I felt the biggest difference with that. That was before porting, full yoshi exhaust and 09 piston. Its an 06 but practically the same motor. The exhaust shifted the powerband and gave it more power at high rpm. The cam gave me better torque and drive out of corners. The exhaust cam really added to the torque and overrev.
  9. Just because sometbing is made un Italy, doesn't mean it's the best in the world hahaha
  10. As long as there is a rut I would weight them both evenly. When you start sliding I would transfer to the downhill peg to go with the slide. The edge of the tire is only being used so you have to transfer the weight perpendicular to the slope.
  11. kstout4life

    Sidi crossfire vs crossfire 2

    Im deff not going with the ta version. I want the replaceable sole system. Does anyone else offer an easy to replace sole system?
  12. kstout4life

    Sidi crossfire vs crossfire 2

    Are you using the SG10 or sg12
  13. kstout4life

    Sidi crossfire vs crossfire 2

    Yea I dont like how there are too many mixed reviews about a stars. Plus the a stars are heavier. With my leg injury light boots are critical. Plus I like the srs. I have pegs that tear up boots really fast. I dont want to have to wait for my boots to get resoled and lose that down time. Also I dont want a bootie boot anymore. I ride with the original oxtars tcx pros and forma pros before they improved them. I rode a friends 2010 tech 8 and do not like the bulky feel. The oxtars are really good but they dont make them anymore.
  14. Hello I want to get a pair of sidi crossfire or 2 srs. What changed from the crossfire to the crossfire 2?
  15. kstout4life

    Tall Rider here, 6'7

    I tried a taller seat and rode other bikes with lowered pegs. I did not like them. Windham bars hetlped alot. I roll my bars back to the -1 position and I can feel the front so much better. I also can hanf off the back of the bike doing that and reduce arm pump. I watch how villopoto rides. I know hes short but his style of arms extended, leaned back, hangin towards the back with weight on the rear end to lighten the front is the style best for my mx. Trails though im squatted neutral on the bike using my outside elbow up and body leaned into the ruts to steer the bike. If you can keep the front end light, youll carry the speed over the rough stuff. Btw im 6ft 5in and 185lbs.