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  1. ames8534

    before/after 06 kx250f

    nice look bike...looks really clean but stands out i like it
  2. you say theyre fast...looks like you keeping right up...man your fast on that bike
  3. ames8534

    lost a yamaha rider

    just a matter of time before your back with the blue team
  4. ames8534

    Latest Art Work.....

    did you do that freehand...thats really good either way
  5. thats so sweet looking...ive been wanting to do something like that with my 450...can you PM me and tell what you had to do and all that...or are there any links for websites or anything? thanks
  6. ames8534

    My new PG Gripz graphics

    who cares...they look sweet
  7. i was fully aware of what i was doing when i rode high...i burn most of the time i go on tight trail ride but never when goin to the mx track...i feel im more loose and concentrated and just all around better feeling when i burn and trail ride...ive never drank on rode...i dont really drink that much so its no biggie (manly cuz im underage) thers been some good stories:thumbsup: ill be looking for more
  8. ames8534

    How to paint my quad

    quadtard:busted: lol jkin:p
  9. ames8534

    My Other Toy!!

    thats a really sweet bike
  10. ames8534

    pastrana is awesome

    i think he wore no fear before thor to...
  11. ames8534

    What happened in Phoenix SX?

  12. ames8534

    I busted out a new trick a few weeks ago.

    hahaha thats awesome
  13. ive seen him ride at baja also..and ill back you up on this sence no one seems to believe you:thumbsup:
  14. ames8534

    Who uses CTI2 knee braces?

    im also looking into getting these if my insurance is gonna cover it...and hopefully my doc will write a prescription...i noticed that on all the ads for them the pros have really cool paint jobs or graphics on there...sence were payin so much for them (actually insurance) do we get cool paint jobs on them...like michael byrns got green flames and his name and number...not that it really matters cuz its under your pants but im just wondering...