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  1. YZ250F_Rider19

    Klatt in AMA

    Its ok that Klatt aint doing great. We still have the best snocrossers:)
  2. YZ250F_Rider19

    Well its official Mx Des-Nations

    Ya they are all brothers, they came to Canada last year to race the nationals.
  3. YZ250F_Rider19

    *James Marshall Update*

    I hope he can make a full recovery. He came and raced in Alberta once and absolutely killed everybody, he was quite the rider.
  4. YZ250F_Rider19

    Team Yamaha '07

    Not promoting the casino eh? I'm really sure that they would put up all of that money just to teach kids about safety. What a joke.
  5. My dad's friend owns one. Likes it a lot and from what my dad said it sounded like it ran with the bigger quads no problem.
  6. YZ250F_Rider19

    The Clean-Bike Disease

    I clean my bike all the time. I think my grandpa told me it is called pride of ownership.
  7. YZ250F_Rider19

    Riding by yourself

    It really depends where you are going. I go alone, but I am never far enoughy away from a friends house to be in serious trouble. I am within walking distance to a friends house 100% of the time.
  8. YZ250F_Rider19

    Stainless Steel Oil filter brands..other then Scott

    I don't have anything good top say about the CRT one I got. It doesn't fit in there tightly like a paper one would, and the check valve came loose after just one oil change so who knows how long the oil wasn't getting filtered for?
  9. YZ250F_Rider19

    SUnruh or any one else that does oil analysis...

    If you change your oil often there should be no issues for your engine. I would save money and buy the cheaper stuff, and make more often oil changes.
  10. Ttr 250 Ttr230 Xr250 Xr200
  11. YZ250F_Rider19

    yz250f's not blowing up!!!

    You're probably the same guy who runs sand in the crankcase instead of oil. Nothing wrong with my 06.
  12. YZ250F_Rider19

    Possible Classified Scam

    Its a scam.
  13. YZ250F_Rider19

    "CR" Line to China?

    Some guy I know bought a chinese knock off called a conquer. I laughed so hard when I heard about that because I thought it wa named conker.
  14. YZ250F_Rider19

    Lookout USA, dusty klatt is on the way!

    We play hockey and pull out the sleds.