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  1. raglanash

    Engine stop indicator

    Search MIL light. Check kill switch wiring.
  2. raglanash

    broken counter shaft sprocket washer (again)

    I think I actually heard the old washer worked in here back in 09! Where you guys then :-))
  3. raglanash

    broken counter shaft sprocket washer (again)

    Seriously dudes. The 02-08 washer fixes this problem. You need the chain/case clearance, every bit helps when debris is getting dragged through there.
  4. raglanash

    2015 crf450r single exhaust.

    Yosh all day long bro
  5. raglanash

    broken counter shaft sprocket washer (again)

    I run the spacer. Broke mine twice within the first 40 hours from new. Changed the washer. 185 hours now and all good. Scary when you find it broken after a ride!
  6. raglanash

    VIDEO: 2017 CRF450 in action !

    First time back in a while myself. What are you riding now HRC?I'm thinking this 17 is my next bike.
  7. raglanash

    broken counter shaft sprocket washer (again)

    The pre 09 bolt/washer setup fixes that.
  8. Agree with this ^^. Bigger gap and longer landing so you can hit them hard. Maybe a single off to one side before the tabletop as a bigger jump option
  9. raglanash

    Slo-Mo gate drop vid. Interesting

    I have never seen them bounce like that! Unfortunately we didn't go up on the hills, this race is all about high speed.. Ben Townley was there, killing it. This guy has the photos, NZ TT Champs. https://www.facebook.com/pages/1000-Clicks-Photography/228192973919022?sk=photos_albums New Zealand really is dirt bike paradise.
  10. They bounce! I'm about 5 in Black helmet. Filmed on an ipad and put through slopro by my son.
  11. raglanash

    Any reason not to buy a 13?

    lighter than <2008, heavier than 09-12. could have fooled me.
  12. raglanash

    Any reason not to buy a 13?

    So what did you think after you rode the 2013 and got back on the 07? I also have a "paid for" CRF and after riding the 13 I want one, nothing to do with "feeling good about myself" either.. Stock would be just fine.
  13. raglanash

    2013 Hattah Desert Race Australia

    Looks awesome. Any footage of that huge tapped out jump? That will get the punters frothing.
  14. raglanash

    Any reason not to buy a 13?

    Saved commenting until I rode one... Very smooth manageable power, I really liked it. Also like the new chassis, feels light in the air, makes you sit further forward and hooks inside lines like a champ. If i had the $$ I would definitely get one without a doubt. IMHO better than the 09-12 all round.
  15. raglanash

    Recomended oil levels for '08 CRF450R

    590 and 690 are correct from the manual but most run 700 both sides. don't bother with the trans check bolt..