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  1. pburke

    Is this XR 650R worth $4000?

    140? Electric start is not the kind of mod that makes 'em go faster Check it out anyway, but unless there's a custom suspension that matches your weight (check sag), and a few more motor related mods, the price is probably a bit high.
  2. pburke

    Vapor temperature sensor?

    huh? what's too small about it? bike works just fine with it. 170 degrees on the highway, overheating in stop and go and single track, just like without the sensor I guess I can call 'em and get it swapped, but why the hell would they sell the thing with the wrong sensor in the first place - I mean, the kit is labeled for a 650R - not something that would be different from bike to bike
  3. pburke

    Vapor temperature sensor?

    build up the sensor with some Teflon tape to make it fit the larger hose diameter and crank down the hose clamps. sure sucks they can't ship a proper sized part, but it doesn't seem to harm the bike either. Had mine in for a year now and it's working well
  4. pburke

    Gps ????

    Garmin 60csx with cheap bar clamp mount. I move it from bike to bike. On the KTM I have it hardwired, while on the XR I'm just running it on batteries.
  5. pburke

    Show your PIG

    I updated the bike a little since I last posted a picture here - added Scotts damper with BRP under bar triple clamp, new bars, Cycra bars, SRC case saver, Kritter peg fix, Barnum's suspension, tall soft seat, IMS pegs, SRC fork savers, XRs Only skid plate, ASV levers, plus a few other things I can't remember. The Excel wheels I picked up on ebay are still in the garage, since the tires on these rims are still near new. Still planned is a new chain and sprockets to have street and dirt gearing with matching wheel sets. I need to find some mirrors that can be mounted to the cycra guards, since there's no way to mount them on the bars anymore (ASV lever on left is in the way). Also - does anyone know if there is more than one type of front-pinch Cycra bar mount? the one I got is way short and needed some grinding and bending to get the stuff to mount and it still seems as if the hand guards are far too low for the setup I am running. I really don't want to move to the bar mounts, but I may have to.
  6. pburke

    Oh oooooh

    And while we're comparing, let's qualify some of these statements somewhat. It's not like "having EFI and eStart" are actually of advantage, especially given KTM's track record with those itemsL If the EFI is as "first try" as on the KTM 990, I sure don't want to have it! Take a look at the trouble folks are having with that bike over on ADVrider in the orange crush forum. And while you're there, check on the starter trouble all 950s have had since 2005... When it comes to reliability, I will take my 650R any day over my KTM 950 (which has been sitting in the garage stone dead for 3 weeks now - $200+ in parts later and the POS still won't start. Looks like it is gonna need to go to the shop again, then wait weeks for parts...)
  7. pburke

    XR650R's gearbox for the highway

    For the highway, put 15-45 on the bike and don't look back. 4000rpm at normal highway speeds, and still pretty usable offroad. No real gap from 1st to 2nd. It could use a 6th gear so you'd be able to do it all, single track and 110mph, but the reality is that it's a 5 speed and wasn't designed to go through the really slow stuff.
  8. pburke

    Aluminum Kickstand for an XR?

    since I got the suspension redone, my kickstand is a little short and the bike leans pretty heavily to the side. I guess I can bring a small block of wood along or have it cut, extended and welded, but it's not that bad that I'd really go through all that hassle. I'd actually prefer a center stand like on my KTM if such a thing could be mounted. anyone ever see one for the 650R?
  9. pburke

    Pulled the trigger on an Edelbrock

    there's another one for sale over on ADVrider - hope you like yours better than this guy: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=257351 good price there I've never had the stock carb on the bike, so I can't really say what the difference would be, but I read that it's not really a "fire breathing monster" change. More a response finesse kinda deal
  10. pburke

    What's Going To Happen To The 650R?

    he bought the wrong KTM I just bought a used 950 Adventure S for about 8k and am loving it. It's not quite as fast up to 60mph as the XR650R, but it fills a huge void for me - it actually cruises at 75mph on the highway and carries luggage and a passenger without complaints. Meanwhile, when the going gets dirty, the XR still kicks its ass, but then it's 200 lbs lighter. Still, that KTM goes damn well for the weight! Anyway - the 650R will be hard to replace and I don't plan to ever sell mine. Just got a new suspension for it, so watch out there in the woods: the hooligan bike is back!
  11. pburke

    starting the transformation

    well, wash it, armor all the tires, paint front fender black and you're 90% there. Ride it and you'll figure out what you need the most. In my case, the suspension work was key, so I spent the $$$ on a Barnum job and the Scotts stabilizer, tall bars, and tha was about it. Tell me more about those Toyota/Scion HID lights - any particular part that works well?
  12. as long as you don't make it backfire all the time it should stay the same
  13. I'm thinking about swapping the front stock rotors for some oversized wave rotors. Looking at the rotors, I doubt I'll be able to put the magnet anywhere on the disk itself like I have now in place on the stock rotor. Anyone know if this setup on the Baldwin prerunner bike is meant for a speedo? http://www.race-dezert.com/skunkz/josh_xr650/4.jpg looks like they may have used JBWeld or something like that to put the signal magnet on the hub and then custom built this little bracket on the fork to get the pickup into that area. Or is this something totally different? my bike is plated, so I really would like to retain the speedo Peter
  14. pburke

    Choosing a rear spring...

    for starters read these pages: http://www.xr650r.borynack.com/xr650r_forks.htm http://www.xr650r.borynack.com/xr650r_shock.htm
  15. pburke

    Lower XR650L/R seat height

    then the first thing you should do is swap the springs on the bike so you do get sag. The handling of the bike will be horrible for you if there's no sag at all XR650R seats are never comfortable to begin with...