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  1. texas_hippie

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Any idea what the equipment is there for? Are they gonna build on that land?
  2. texas_hippie

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Hidden Falls looks absolutely groovy. I also checked out that General Sams place near Conroe. It looks like redneck quadtard heaven. Don't think I'll ever talk myself into going there. Even Pelican island would be preferable to Gen'l Sams. Can we still ride at Pelican?
  3. texas_hippie

    Sam Houston National Forest

    So....where is this Hidden Falls?
  4. texas_hippie

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Plenty of service roads in the area as long as you are street legal. Just mind the speed limits. Most are dirt or hard pack caliche. A GPS unit may be helpfull.
  5. texas_hippie

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Geez...what a cluckin' futz! You going to supercross this year? Lemme know by noon tomorrow and I'll score the tickets.
  6. texas_hippie

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Can't make it this weekend...duty at the fire dept.
  7. texas_hippie

    Sam Houston National Forest

    You know I can do that...averaged 40 thousand miles a year on the big road dresser, rain or shine!
  8. texas_hippie

    Sam Houston National Forest

    ARRRRGGGGG...I feel the need for speed. I'm gonna sneak off to the southern end of Quintana beach this weekend and see how long I can ride before the popo chases me off. I'll just play ignorant about the "beach" being considered a road.
  9. Didn't notice you were from Canada. Or that shipping there was so expensive. $77.50 was my total price.
  10. http://www.mxsouth.com/pivotworks/pivot-works-forks-fork-seal-kits.htm# Check out the Pivotworks seal kit. Less than 70 bucks for everything. Am I right in guessing that you didn't use a seal driver tool when you installed your new seals? As far as the seal savers, they've worked great so far. They keep alot of crap from even getting to the dust wipers.
  11. I use the Mop-n-glow. For the creases that are a lighter color, a heat gun used judiciously seems to work. It won't remove all the discoloration, but it gets rid of most of it. The Mop-n -Glow seems to let the mud wash off easier too. Try it on the inside of the fenders.
  12. I just checked out that Rhino system, the 120. It looks like something I could use. The price is kinda high, but you get comms, and GPS with a homing device. I like it! Only problem is...you have to talk your riding buddy into buying one too, or the thing is useless. After all, there are times when even riding with a bud, we manage to get seperated. Catch you guys in a few days, I'm outta here. Time to pack for a three day trip to the Sam Houston National forest. in a little over four hours, I'll be blissfully mud covered, probably bruised and sore, and most likely semi lost in the woods!
  13. texas_hippie

    Fork Seal price.

    Cory is right. 30 hours isn't a long time at all. I don't know what kind of terrain you race in, but here it's mostly sand and mud. Two hundred hours I'd say is prolly closer to what you should expect for seal life. Now that I'm using the seal savers, I'm hoping to double that number. The gumbo mud here is so thick, after one loop, you can barely tell what color the bike is. I'm not even gonna mention the powdery sand we ride in. If your seals blow out on the first time out in the mud, you obviously either didn't do the job right, or your freaking non replaced dust seals are leaking by. It's your bike. But if you're going to give advice to a noob on here, at least give him something he can use, or at least steer him in the right direction to make a sound decision.
  14. Is the Rhino the one that incorporates the two way radio in it? You can actually broadcast your position to another Rhino user, and his set will point the direction to where you are?
  15. texas_hippie

    Fork Cap Seized

    There is a tool called a strap wrench. Go to your local hardware store, Sears tool Center, Or Home depot. They should be less than twenty dollars. Sounds like you've already destroyed the cap anyway, so do the upside down in a vice method. The strap wrench will easily grip the fork leg, and turn it, leaving the cap in the vice jaws. (You won't need four buddies!) It absolutely will not crush the fork tube, or even mar it in any way. Just be ready for all that oil thats gonna come out of that upside down tube. Just break the cap loose, and then invert the tube before it rains down all over the floor. Then you should be able to take the cap off the rest of the way by hand. The next step would be to order a new cap. When you put it back together, put some antisieze compound on the threads to keep it from corroding and being so hard to remove the next time. The antisieze compound is available at Autozone, Pepboys, or any hardware store. Problem solved