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  1. exboomer

    Yellow DRs

    Can't be that desirable, he is selling it.
  2. exboomer

    Fuel economy? I ran out of gas today.2003 Dr650

    It sounds a little low. I can go further than that before I hit reserve. Is the bike stock?
  3. exboomer

    DR 650 seat options.

    Corbin, Renazco, Sargent, TPI there are many options. Anything will be an improvement.
  4. exboomer

    2010 DR650 (what are they gonna add)

    Sent from who????
  5. exboomer

    Noise after a valve adjust - DR650

    Did it make the noise prior to the valve adjust? Just make sure your on TDC compression stroke. Set the valves towards the loose end of the spec and ride it. www.kientech.com has a valve adjust kit that makes things a little easier. He is in Oregon too.
  6. exboomer

    D/S Helmet

    I have this helmet and I like it. The optical distortion isn't that bad and you can't beat the price, $104 at my door. If times were better money wise, I would have got the Shoei Hornet DS. But I am happy with the AFX.
  7. exboomer

    Anyone done a Sergeant to Corbin seat comparo yet?

    I dont think enough people have the Sargent seat yet to have a comparison.
  8. exboomer

    DR650 Sargent seat

    It's funny I receive an email from Sargent telling me their seat is avail and just 2 days later I receive an email from http://www.tpimotorcycleparts.com/ telling me they too have released a seat for the DR650. Nice to have options. I bought a Corbin a couple of years ago.
  9. exboomer

    DR650 Sargent seat

    I agree. I want to hear some feedback
  10. exboomer

    DR650 Sargent seat

    $350-$369 extra $150 for heated option. If you pre-registered its $50 off through a special.
  11. exboomer

    DR650 Sargent seat

    The Sargent DR650 seat has been released. Sorry here is the link www.sargentcycle.com/suzwsdr650.htm
  12. exboomer

    Sargent seats for DR

    It looks nice. It will be avail May 18
  13. exboomer

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Looks like a clean bike. Congrats. Where in Cal are you?
  14. exboomer

    New DR650 Owner (And A Quick Question)

    The chain noise your hearing is the chain slapping on the rear white chain guide. As far as the chain slack, with the "snail" type adjusters the chain will seem either too loose or too tight. Best to leave it on the loose side. Some remove the upper roller as stated. Switch to a bearing style lower chain roller and don't overtighten the chain.
  15. exboomer

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    It worked ...Thanks