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  1. Dirt Hokie

    weird KX 100 issues

    Ok, general question. The crank seals get seated inside the case then the bearings go on top. So how do I heat the case to drop the bearings in without melting the rubber seals. I tried once with the case at 180 and the bearings fresh out of the freezer. No go. Afraid to go any hotter on the cases. Anyone know how much heat the seals can take.
  2. Dirt Hokie

    weird KX 100 issues

    big box of parts showed up, now time to clean and start assembly. Cylinder is getting replated and wont be ready for a few two weeks. So if all goes well i will have the bottom end put back together and in the bike waiting for the cylinder to get done.
  3. Dirt Hokie

    Rauschcreek Off-road Park

    I used to belong to Raush creek until last year, when i joined FRO. FRO has more variety and more potential to explore. Raush creek has several nice loop trials and a few pit areas, there is also some single track to be found, but it takes time. The main trails are pretty beat up from quads. There is a little snack shop and they have some basic parts available like spark plugs and tubes, they also have a office and some on site you could call for assistance which FRO does not have The ability to camp is nice and you can camp in the parking lot, dedicated camp site cost extra. For pure riding experience and cost per acre of riding FRO is better, I have been riding FRO for one year, and i am still in the "exploring" stage. If FRO allowed overnite parking/ camping it would be the bomb.
  4. Dirt Hokie

    CBR600/1000RR forks on a XR400

    could also lower the stock forks
  5. Dirt Hokie

    Question about my bike

    what they said. 1. Clean the carb real well 2. freah oil, wet clutch safe motorcycle oil. 3. good air filter 4. new spark plug 5. make sure the engine spins free before kicking at it hard. 6. clutch could be stuck from sitting, but otherwise fine, pretty easy to pull the clutch cover off and remove the clutch stack loosen everything up, then reassemble. I had to do that with a 1980 yz 125 that had been sitting for years. If you find the engine is done, rather then rebuilding it ( unless you want to for fun ) you can find complete running XR's for a few hundred bucks. You will still need to replace things like air filter and cables.....normal wear items.
  6. Dirt Hokie

    weird KX 100 issues

    Just going to keep it stock.
  7. Dirt Hokie

    weird KX 100 issues

    just ordered a Wiesco bottom end rebuild kit, and all the bearings and seals for the trans that did not come with the kit. Now just have to get the cylinder checked out. Everything came apart pretty easy, except i have to figure out how to remove the bearings that are installed in a blind hole, water pump bearings and one or two in the trans. Luckily they all feel fine, but I ordered new ones, so I want to replace them. Then I know every bearing and seal in the engine will be new.
  8. Dirt Hokie

    Lowering a motorcycle the "right way"?

    your tuner should have kept notes, I just bought a bike that the PO had professional suspension tuning work done to it. They placed a sticker on the top of the forks that had the owners name, weight, springs, oil, and a few other details of what was done to the forks. There was also a work order ID number, so if the sticker is lost, the tuner can still find all the info. So unless they have been messed with since then, I know exactly where we are starting from if i want to make changes.
  9. Dirt Hokie

    Lowering a motorcycle the "right way"?

    I would not go changing the steering angle..... until you have your suspension dialed in. Otherwise you are chasing your tail. Change only one thing at a time, then test, make adjustments, retest, repeat.... There is no other way to tell what changes are helping and what are not. The biggest advantage the pros have is not the hardware, or even the skill. Its the practice time and testing/ machine set up time.
  10. Dirt Hokie

    Footwear for a 3 year old

    I would go with high top work boots, that's what my son had. Especially if the bike has a foot rear brake or a gear shifter. A lot of learning to ride is "feel", its much easier to adjust to riding boots later then it is to learn in them. Imagine learning to write wearing big heavy winter gloves...
  11. Dirt Hokie

    weird KX 100 issues

    the trans looks and feels good, the main crank bearings look they got hot, but are intact. There is mystery metalic/ cooper like greesy goo in the bottom of the crank case, the big end bearing does not feel right, but there is not enough metal missing anywhere to explain the amount of metal I am seeing. Its almost like it inhaled cooper dust. The reeds are carbon and intact, the head gasket was intact and the base gasket is not metallic. I did find out is has a Wiesco clutch basket. I am going to check the vin number to confirm the year, then ordering parts. Going to do the full deal, all new bearings, seals, crank, gaskets, fresh top end, and new water pump parts.... I have a shop manual that goes to 2012, I think i have a 13, but they may be the same.
  12. Dirt Hokie

    KX65 question

    if its a honda mini bike style motor, that's going to be tricky thing to fit, will probably be to long and interfere with the front end, will definitely need to modify the front down tubes to clear the head. If you can find a verticial style motor, you can get one to fit. I put a XR 80 motor in a KX60, but there was some frame mods and it took some long nights staring at the frame and thinking. I also had to build a custom gas tank from fiberglass. This is my son at the start line of his first ever race. XR motor/ KX 60 frame. A lot of work, but the finished bike performed awesome, did exactly what i wanted it to do.
  13. Dirt Hokie

    weird KX 100 issues

    Its getting rebuilt, hope to have it all torn down this weekend, and order parts next week. We have a race we want to do March 17th, so that's the goal. I have done top ends before, and did a complete assembly/ rebuild on a 1978 yz80 basket case, so I "know" what I am getting into, just don't have that much experience. Now to find a clutch basket tool........
  14. Dirt Hokie

    weird KX 100 issues

    there is one scuff on the cylinder wall, can barely feel it on a fingernail. Will probably send it out to get bored and matching piston. Researching complete rebuild kits now. I pulled the water pump apart, the back of the impeller looked like it was rubbing against the housing. I was running 32:1. I think the who ever rebuilt or worked on the engine last just did a crappy job and this thing was a time bomb, hopefully the trans is good.
  15. Dirt Hokie

    weird KX 100 issues

    another question, does anyone make a complete engine rebuild kit, cant see to find one for this year. Is the bottom end the same as a KX 85? thanks