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  1. Jim Hale

    Reliable bike

    Thanks to you, Eddie! The stroker you put in it is getting great gas mileage as you suspected it would (60-65mpg). It's the perfect Enduro, heavy enough to be comfortable on the roads and light enough to take tough trails. Also can't say enough good things about the Avon Distanzia tires. I've put a lot of miles on them and they're still fairly fresh. Amazing the terrain they can handle and how sweet they are on the road. May stop by later in the summer for Cam degreeing if you have time. Will drop you a line first.
  2. Jim Hale

    Reliable bike

    Brought my toyhauler and drz to go camping for a week. The bike's got 14,000 miles on it and Avon Distanzia tires. What an incredible bike. Here's an ADVRider report of the trip so far if you're interested. The bike was a tank on and off pavement. http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?p=10287126#post10287126
  3. Jim Hale

    Hard to start cold,runs great warm

    cool... yes I am a zrxoa member though I haven't posted there in a while. Seems like you have good taste in bikes
  4. Jim Hale

    Positive thoughts for bronco78

    Thanks again for your service Bronco. Stay safe.
  5. Jim Hale

    Texas to Cabo to California...2,100 miles

    Very cool. It never ceases to amaze me what an excellent enduro this bike is. I am also curious what tires you used. I would think Avon Distanzias are a tire for a trip like this as they're great on the road and satisfactory even on gnarly trails.
  6. Jim Hale

    DRZ tattoo

    Echoing what others of said: -Tatoos identify you to possible enemies -DRZ is a brand (do you really want to advertise for a Japanese Corporation?) -DRZ is a reliable compromise bike (not like MOM) All that being said, it would be kind of cool to see someone while your at Starbucks touting a DRZ tatoo on their arm
  7. Jim Hale

    Hard to start cold,runs great warm

    It's always harder to start in the cold weather. I'm suspicious in drains your battery though. I would have my battery checked. Also, you should always start it with the choke totally open when cold, that's odd that half choke is where you feel you have to be. Are you sure your gasoline is not too old?
  8. Jim Hale

    DRZ weight loss

    The DRZ S is a great compromise enduro in that it's decent on the road and even acceptable on the highway BECAUSE of it's weight. The little savings (other than plastic gas tank) you can gain by stripping out parts is not worth it in my opinion. The only way you'll get a light responsive dirt bike is as was suggested to buy a yz or ktm which won't be good on the road. There have been forum members here that have opted for that option and traded their bike in. Personally, and I've gone through this tug-of-war myself, I like the compromise of being able to ride comfortably to trails. It's amazing what that pig can do with it's extra weight actually if riding skills are honed.
  9. Jim Hale


    I have the older 60cx, don't know if the 60cs has improved the lightening issue but I haven't been happy with the lighting. I do a lot of desert riding and it doesn't hold up to bright sun well. If you do go with it, I'd suggest the RAM mount for the bike
  10. Jim Hale

    Should I purchase stock or modded

    5000 miles is nothing. These bikes are tanks. My advice would be to buy a bike with the discounted mods installed. Just make sure the basic maintenance has been done.
  11. Jim Hale

    Learning from Experience (NOT!)

    I've changed my own, just to prove I could do it... but concluded it wasn't worth it. Now I take it to a place with a mc tire changing apparatus. They have 3 foot spoons, do this everyday and include the rimlocks. They charge $20 per tire... well worth it.
  12. Jim Hale

    14-47 sprockets

    I've run 15x44 (stock), 15x47, and 14x47 all on stock chain and then I put it back to 15x44 which I like the best. While the 14x47 does give you a little more in the dirt I hated it on the street. I landed up getting a second set of wheels with dot knobbies/rear 47. 15x47 isn't a bad compromise for dirt/road. For local roads and fire roads, stock is fine.
  13. Jim Hale


    It's not quite as efficient as the mikuni gas wise, but you won't notice that much difference as far as mpg unless you're WOT'ng it more (which you will of course be tempted to do with the extra hp). A bit more giddyup and definitely more fun.
  14. Jim Hale

    2000 DRZ-400S Street Tires

    I second the distanzia's they are waaaay better then the death wings off rode. I've done some really gnarly stuff with them that I thought could only be done with dot knobbies (which I also have on a second set of wheels). They are as good or better on the road as the bridgestones.
  15. Jim Hale

    which bike to buy?

    The 650 is a nice option if you're just planning to do fireroads and highway. It falters if you want to do more aggressive stuff. The guy I ride with the most, has a 650 vstrom and loves it... the nice thing is, he can go 300 miles on a highway and then head for a fireroad. On the otherhand the 400 is a lot lighter and much more fun to tool around with locally. So my advice would be to look hard at your uses. If you're going to do a lot of highway riding then the 650 is the way to go. If you're going to mostly do 20-30 mile rides on local roads and like the option of being able to do aggressive rocky hilly roads then I'd go with the drz.