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  1. I simply just run with stolen plates - it's the only secure way to roll.
  2. naturaledge

    anybody tried this?

    Well, I suppose they are better off on top of the car rather than underneath it...
  3. naturaledge

    What games are there to play on dirt bikes?

    For a real good time, some of the fellas and I go over to the local Polo grounds for a match. Aside from some attitude from the sissies on their horses, we have a pretty good time...... "looksleftlooksright:
  4. naturaledge

    what is a fully restored honda xl 185 worth ?

    Very nice job!!
  5. naturaledge

    1976 Honda MR250 Restoration

    Great project - looking forward to the updates.
  6. naturaledge

    I polished my nipples...Part 1

    Very nice work Jrs Turn!
  7. The Dude probably didn't want to get caught getting a piece on the side......
  8. naturaledge


    Moto-vest or TekVest are very good options.
  9. Dang, that was lucky you saw that cat - usually, they strike and you would never know they were there.
  10. naturaledge

    In search of John Denver's motorcycle

    Dang those are fine looking bikes Junkster!
  11. naturaledge

    dirt bike speakers

    I don't know, personally, I'd make sure I had a sikk neon light set-up on the frame before I'd worry about the speaks.
  12. naturaledge

    Project GnarVan - Pics

    Love the build! Just a quick question though - does the sleeper couch still fold down now that you added the big arse bass box?
  13. Always remember that it takes a big man to cry but, it takes a bigger man to laugh at that crybaby.
  14. Never trust a man in a wheelchair wearing worn out shoes.
  15. Now those are downright creepy! I would beat both with a shovel. I'm creeped out just thinking about that.