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  1. dec65

    06 Kx250f Valve Shims

    My Intake Valves On On The Borderline Of Being Out Of Spec. Should I Just Shim Them Or Go For A Complete Replacement? They Still Look Good.
  2. dec65

    2006 Kxf250

    I Have The 06 Kx250f. I Ride Regularly With A My Best Friend Who Is Of Equal Skil, He Has A 06 Crf250f. Even He, A Die Hard Red Rider Admits Mine Is Better! He Still Won't Change. Poor Fool!
  3. dec65

    Spark plug?

    I Use Yhe Iridium Ngk's Too. So Far, So Good.
  4. dec65

    Stock Rims

    I Have A 2006 Kx250f. I Recently Bent The Front Wheel A Little, Nothing Major. Has Anyone Else Had This Happen? I Am Not That Hard On My Bike. Are Excel Wheels The Way To Go?
  5. dec65

    Hot Start Froze...help

    My Hot Start Plunger On My 2006 Kx250f Is Froze. I Cannot Get It To Move. Can't Remove It At All. May Have To Drill Out....help!
  6. dec65

    Hot Start Froze...help

    The Hot Start Plunger On My 2006 Kx250f Is Froze And Will Not Move. I Can't Even Get It Out. May Have To Drill It Out. Can Anyone Help?
  7. dec65

    known problems to watch out for

    The Hot Start Plunger In My 06 Kx250f Froze Up And May Have To Drill It Out. Still Wondering What To Do. Anybody Know?