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  1. vetplus40

    What Should I Do

    You can also wrap an Ace bandage around your ribs to restrict movement. This will help with the discomfort until you can see the doctor.
  2. vetplus40

    What Should I Do

    Bruised, cracked or broken ribs are very uncomfortable, because your chest cavity and rib cage moves every time you breathe. If the pain continues, you might want to have it x-rayed.
  3. vetplus40


    What year? If it is 2000, or newer, it might be a handful for you at your weight.
  4. vetplus40

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    2001 Suzuki RM 250
  5. vetplus40

    pro's protection...

    Varies from rider to rider. Some don't use chest protectors and some do. Most everyone wears a kidney belt though. Not to mention the occasional neck brace.
  6. vetplus40

    Whats the difference???

    The numbers and letters on a spark plug all have specific meanings. The "R" indicates a resistor plug. If your bike calls for a resistor plug, I wouldn't run a non-resistor plug instead. The "8" is simply the heat range of the plug. Gong up or down one number in heat range usually isn't a problem.
  7. vetplus40

    The Haves And The Have Nots!

    i doubt there was a deliberate attempt to omit Marshall from any comments made on rider injuries. The rash of injuries is very alarming, but not totally surprising. The tracks are getting tougher to keep up with bike technology and rider talent. The injuries are just a natural byproduct of that evolution.
  8. vetplus40

    Goggles and glasses

    I'd opt for contact lenses if possible. Glasses are prone to fogging up and having sweat dripping on them. Not to mention becoming dislodged and possibly breaking and becoming a hazard in a crash situation.
  9. vetplus40

    So is Mcgrath a dirty rider?

    Stewart needs to quit whining everytime he gets bumped. Until he toughens up, he'll never win a 250 outdoor title.
  10. vetplus40

    Can't remove valve cover bolt.

    I don't have a bike like yours, but bolts and nuts can be torqued with a crows foot. This is basically the end of an open end wrench that attaches to a ratchet or torque wrench.
  11. I had the same exact problem.The right combination of power and weight you are looking for can be found in a smoker. I found mine in a RM 250.
  12. vetplus40

    BooKoo arenacross?

    It was created early this year to compete with the Clear Channel series. I guess competition is okay, but it will drain the talent pool from the old series. JMHO
  13. vetplus40

    which piston?

    I've had good luck with Pro-x pistons. They are basically OEM pistons,so keep that in mind.