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  1. eldus

    getting worn out too quickly

    I fully agree with this post! Also, what helped me a LOT was workout. As I ride only on weekends (pretty much just Sundays) I spend the weekdays working out (just 3 times a week). I do bodyweight excersises, like pushups (of a hundred different styles), squats, bridges, burpees, lunges, pullups, etc. Now the bike not only feels lighter but I don't get too tired riding and I overall feel stronger, energetic and agile (sp?) www.bodyweightculture.com/forum check it out =) no weights involved. eldus
  2. eldus

    Question about jump technique?

    Good tips here! I always keep a steady throttle, I used to do the same as you (coast it entirely) sometimes, on a 4t bike. It never resulted in anything dangerous because I coasted it entirely and kinda preloaded the suspension. But with practice you get used to body positioning, different kinds of jumps, throttle control, etc and you'll feel alright. Sometimes I even keep a steady throttle when I'm in the air..depends on the circumstance. Stay safe and keep at it eldus
  3. eldus

    Trails or MX, what requires more skill?

    It's pretty different. I used to ride trails all my life, then didn't ride anything for like 3 years and now I'm into MX only. They are really different, I remember riding trails where in the middle I thought I wouldn't make it out alive. Now at my level at least I don't get that feeling riding track. But then...riding full pace, doing jumps, whoops, etc...requires so much endurance, skills, etc, it's a whole different rythm in my experience! I'd love to ride both equally now...both have amazing things to offer! Nice pics, btw eldus
  4. eldus

    my new gear!

    Nice gear, man!! We got the same shirt/pants for my sister..it rocks! Goes amazing with the bike graphics aswell eldus
  5. eldus

    Learn't the hard way...

    OUCH! hehe sorry, man..but we learn from mistakes, eh? I see a bmx bike wanting to appear in the photo =o I ride bmx aswell, and luckily so far all the bumps and scratches on our truck are from the "little bikes" eldus
  6. eldus

    New riding photos from today!

    Really really nice, man!! You're riding better and better! Also I see you now have a number =o, I wanna start racing soon aswell keep it up eldus
  7. eldus

    Post Your Riding Pics!

    Nice pics everyone! Mario, that track you're racing on looks so fun! Also looks like the guy with green clothing in photo #2 is going to land on you! haha eldus
  8. Amazing pictures!! Wish I rode like that! eldus
  9. eldus

    Arm Pump...

    I get arm pump on the first laps, but nothing serious..I usually just cruise around for a couple laps to get warm and comfy...then I'm warmed up, can stretch better and with a nice knee-grippin' on the bike I can go for several laps at a time without loosing feeling of my hands haha eldus
  10. eldus

    Post Your Riding Pics!

    Here's a few riding pics from the past month Nice scenery there, Dust_Devil! eldus
  11. eldus

    Holding up with my knees...legs?

    Yes, exactly what I do, I'm 6ft aswell and I grip with my knees. eldus
  12. eldus

    Pictures from today...

    As much as I love my YZ I'm envious of yours!! Yellow looks beautiful like that. Very nice pics, man! Once again, I love how that track looks!! Take it easy, Nico
  13. eldus

    Me riding, after six month injury

    Very nice!! Must feel good to be back! That track looks so fun, everytime I see videos or photos of tracks in the US ours seems so small, tight and SO hardpacked, I'd love to try some of those! Nico
  14. eldus

    Some pics from today...

    Really nice!! I see you no longer have the "jumping fright" you spoke of in other posts =) The track looks amazing, and seems like you were cornering HARD! Nico
  15. eldus

    two sweet vids

    Nice whip, seems like you're on the right track there...I want to learn those soon Both videos are cool! That Larocco Leap...WOW Nico