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  1. CRFX528

    Any news on the RMX450??

    No, I don't have a link to it. There use to be a thread on here with some information about it and a release date of 08' with EFI and supposidly just a yellow EFI 450x. Ive searched over and over for it and can't find anything about it now. maybe someone just made it up?.. oh well. Thought it was gonna be cool that suzuki was getting into it again.
  2. CRFX528

    Any news on the RMX450??

    Its been awhile since i've heard or seen anything about the new rmx coming out supposidly 08'. looks like it'l be 09'. ? Any news would be appreciated.
  3. CRFX528

    Clutch cover for 450X

    C'mon now i already said to check the garage... I think i have the most "free" bling x you can get right now. LOL just for those of ya that didn't look in my garage -
  4. CRFX528

    Clutch cover for 450X

    I like the boyeson one the most actually, Except for mine.. Check garage.
  5. CRFX528

    X/R hybrid ...if it can be done?

    Do i ever know what you mean.. Hybrid? .... Too much work! Sell the R, Get the X take the battery off if you "dont like the push of a button start" and put a cam in it and a pipe and rejet. You now have a wide ratio R with headlight and taillight. Simple as that. What you're talking about is gonna be alot of time and money.. For nothing! Is there a purpose of bringing R radiators to an X? Or airbox? Its the same carb so why? The airbox door is EASY if you're not an idiot. Turn and pull.. Easy.. If i had both bikes given to me at no cost i would most likely experiment with interchangable parts but what you're talking about is 10 grand. and i definatly wouldn't waste that on an Half R half X bike, i'd call Service honda and get a CR500AFX shipped to my door:busted:
  6. CRFX528

    Newest Pics of the X

    It's hard to ride right now, its rained just about non stop all winter so far and the ground is like a mudhole. It's almost impossible to keep a bike up unless your going slow.
  7. CRFX528

    Newest Pics of the X

    Lots and lots and lots and lots.... i bet i sanded 1pound off my bike:lol:
  8. CRFX528

    poilishing frames

    Here's some updated pictures of my most recent polishing, not a very good pic of the entire bike but how about that clutch cover??
  9. CRFX528

    Brake Contact Cleaner

    Yup. sure will.
  10. CRFX528

    poilishing frames

    NICE! I'm thinking of doing my swingarm, and ive experimented on the bottom where it can't be seen and its gonna be extremely hard to do since its brushed aluminum. this may be the place for a die grinder... or it may be the place to just leave it alone since im pretty sure im gonna have arthritis from polishing that clutch cover this year, that was a real b!tch. the heat shield in the same pic is the coating that use to be on the clutch cover. Love those Amsoil graphics, guess i didnt show my "graphics" of amsoil too well LOL, mine are inside the radiator shroud on the white guards, you know, like the pros have it done? nice job!
  11. CRFX528

    06/07 LTR450 Riders/Owners

    It seems to me that you should know that the 250R frame is "the" frame to have being that its geometrically perfect for MX? The same reason people are making hybrids out of this frame and Lonestar's frame made close to the 250R's frame? Plus, i like the zip of a 2 stroke on a quad. It needs it. and the reason i "cruise" this page is because it's not dedicated to the ltr, its been dedicated to the quadsport 400 since it was first made.
  12. CRFX528

    poilishing frames

    Thanks for the comments, All of you guys that are doing this with grinding tools such as dremels\die grinders, it is much much easier to just start with a rougher more course sand paper and do it IMO. Reason being, with a powered tool you can get in too much or not enough in some areas and it will give that "patched" layered look. With sandpaper its almost completely even on all parts of the frame or whereever else. also by sanding the stuff you're sanding off goes directly down, With a dremel or grinder as mentioned, it will throw the dust all over the bike. Benefits other than being pretty? I don't know... I think i sanded about 1 pound off my bike? The mud definately comes off easier on the bottom, the scuff marks from boots also come out easy, a little of the 2000 grit and mothers brings it out to look like a brand new frame again.
  13. CRFX528

    hey krannie, How about some pics?

    Nice bike.
  14. CRFX528

    hey krannie, How about some pics?

    I noticed your bike in your avatar and was wondering what it looked like in a normal size picture? I kinda like the yellow backgrounds and red fork guards you have, Thats all i can make out from the little picture.