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  1. importrepairguy

    Help with diagnosing LT80 Potential engine problems

    Ok, so I ordered 2 Main bearings and 2 seals. Is there anything else I need?
  2. importrepairguy

    Help with diagnosing LT80 Potential engine problems

    Thanks CQR. So, I suppose Im on the right track then. Cheers.
  3. Hey all. My situation. Bought an LT80 (1987 I believe). Bought blown up for my son, needed a piston (oil injection failure?). So I bought a 52mm Weisco kit and had cylinder bored, head skimmed. Repaired other things like brakes, chain, plug boot, removed Oil Injection sytem (including pump that rides off crank), etc.. Assembled everything and it ran but sputtered, assumed Carb, but then the petcock started leaking fuel and flooding carb. So I bought a Race Keihn carb off ebay (removed from lil race quad) ,an FMF exhaust system and a Blaster 200 petcock that works! Installed said parts, runs like a raped ape! Now, i pre-mixed at 32:1 Klotz race oil and 93 octane, thing smoke's alot. Haven't actually ridin it yet, just about 30 minutes of idle time and the occasional WOT, not sure the proper ring seat break in procedure for a 2 stroke? It's crisp and smooth and idles like a champ. Today I won some nice wheel tire combo on ebay, so now we're about set for some ridin', right? Wrong! So, tonite while buttoning up the last bits (rear brake shoes), I removed the clutch cover, to inspect belt, clean everything inside and do the Roller removal mod on the front clutch. Well, I removed the front clutch assembly exposing the flywheel, cleaned everything, and just outta curiosity i held the Crank snout (with fingers) to check play, HOLY SH*T, it moves up and down, in and out slightly. ***! SO I called my Husky guy (George @ UPTITE) in Cali and He says to get bearings in there, it may have bad seals and the bottom will lock up if they go bad or are bad. So I just ordered some Weisco bearing and oem seals @ 9pm! What next? Can it be ridin until the parts show up? Is the smoking normal with that kinda mixture, although the carb (equipped with a K&N filter on a stick and a baggie full of jets, I left whatever was installed in there) could be jetted big and running rich? I dont wanna trash the crank and or the top end I just did? I did dribble pre-mix oil in the rod bearings and over the main bearings and wristin,etc prior to assembling top end. It had been apart awhile and I wanted everything to have a lil lube before it started spinning. Good or Bad? Perhaps that's the smoke and it'll burn off eventually? Any suggestion's? I build car engines for a living, and am unfamiliar with all of the 2 stroke engine technical stuff. Am i approaching this the right way? Should I buy a new crank or leave what I have? When the cylinder was off, I did however bring con-rod to TDC and tap with rubber mallet, seemed fine. So it's my opinion (whatever that's worth) just the crank bearings are shot and con rod is fine? I have not pulled the stator side off to chk crank play on that side, dunno if it's more or less... Any other suggestions as far as mods go, when I remedy this immediate threat? Also wondering, will I have to split the case to replace the main bearings and seals? I haven't picked up a Manual yet, but I foresee one in my immediate future. Cheers and Thanx in advance.
  4. Well for theose of you, "asshat" & "George" From Uptite to name a few that followed my Post several months ago (November to be exact), well I finally got around to tearing it down minimally to diagnose. Im not going to go thru the entire re-posting of my first Thread - Due to it's length and my lack of interest due to the Mod's medling and removing my Thread for NO REASON! Sometimes they are more troublesome then they are worth! But that's another story... Anyhow, My symptom was plainly stated, yet everyone pointed to the #1 Problem being the Stator magnet,etc.... I hoped for that very simple fix, George does those on a daily, however I questioned this diagnosis due to the fact I had NO compression? With or without ignition function you should always have compression, on a sealed (rings,valves,etc...) healthy engine... So I finally took off the cam caps and pushed (by hand) the kick-start lever down to see my cams not move, yet listening to the grinding/dragging noise of a possibly disasterously ugly melted piston??? Next, I removed the tensioner to see it had expanded fully - again I was questioning what disaster lied inside. So then I drained coolant, proceeded to remove water pump and then the valve cover to expose - dun,dun,duuuuuunnnnn.... A bent and cock-eyed camsprocket - timing chain jumped and bent the shit outta the Cam sprocket! Both Cam sprocket holder bolts still lying in there, threads shreaded and obviously been digging into my cylinder head for sometime before they finally let loose and backed out tossing my chain. Everything looks intact and ok. Cam lobes appear fine, threads inside cam appear ok, Cylinder has grooves from cam sprocket bolts but other wise ok. Bike now has compression because valves are closed. Gunna perform a comp test tomorrow, hopefully no bent valves?? Not sure what to do with timing chain? It was replaced not 10 hours riding time ago? It appears fine, saw no visable damage to it, but strech I suppose is possible? Need a New Sprocket & 2 new Bolts n washers for sure. And this time RED lock-tite. I'm pretty sure I used Blue last time on those bolts? But it is possible I forgot?... Hopefully this is a lesson to any others attempting Timing chain replacement. Anyhow, George if you read this please reply with your opinion, I'm very greatful for your previous assistance. Now that I think of it, this is a perfect time to swap in a TE610 Cam! ANyone have any input on that? I think I recall reading it was a good power adder? Happy New Year everyone!! Cheers.
  5. importrepairguy

    Any info on '00-'01 Husky TE410?

    Keep tabs on the timing chain. Mine went after 4-6 hours of riding! My odometer claimed 670 miles!? Anyhow, the kick starting is a B*TCH! Unless the Left side of your body is dominant, i.e. write left handed etc... It is a bastard to start - and watch the kick it has after it's been warmed up, make use of the decompression lever! I've heard of these things breaking ankles, It sprained my foot, and the pain lasted several month's - The next day I bought MX Boots!! Hell of a blast to ride - can't imagine ever needing more power. I've upgraded my exhaust to an FBF, quick ratio throttle and changed gear ratio's w/ sprockets... Good luck w/ your purchase - I paid 2k for mine, through a used bike dealer, your's sounds like a good deal. My 2 cents.
  6. importrepairguy

    Looking for a place to ride by budds creek.

    Kewl, I'll have to check it out myself...
  7. importrepairguy

    If all your bikes got stolen - what would you buy?

    I ride a 410 no option? I suppose next best thing would be the 450, enuff power for me! If I wanna go faster I hop on my Gsxr 1100!!
  8. importrepairguy

    How Tall Are TE Riders?

    5'10" and on tip toes when sitting still. Very uncomfortable when trying to manuever thru the trees at slow speeds, have fallin a few times, about as many times as over the bars! I may shave my seat? Although I think body weight has something to do w/ the ride height, I'm only 180lbs,some of the heavier guys I beleive would cause more sag.
  9. importrepairguy

    Fast By Ferracci Pipe Anyone?

    Sweet exhaust, I have one on my Te410!!
  10. importrepairguy

    TE410 97 Cam chain

    I bought the oem chain for mine, and guides etc... Good luck
  11. importrepairguy

    Need an Engine or parts for a 2001 DRZ250

    Well, technically the bike hasn't been purchased yet. It is here behind my shop and my friend/client wants it, It's my landlords bike (of my shop). Landlord thought most parts were there? After digging through all the parts those are what's missing, so far... Bikebandit.com came up to about $900. Then re-assembly about $375.00 plus additional hardware that most likely will be needed, etc...These bikes sell around $2500 plus on Ebay, running obviously. This is a deal for someone who has the money to repair it. I personally don't have the time to re-assemble for him. Nor do I have the money spare to fix it then sell it for profit. I'm trying to complete my Gsxr 3.5 yr project!! I'll try and grasp the financial posision of my buddy and see what he's gonna do? If in deed it's to be parted out, I'll post the stuff available, but hate to see it torn apart when it's actually a nice bike in really exceptional cosmetic condition. Thanx for the advice.
  12. A friend bought an 01 DRZ250 as a "basket-case". Complete bike but the engine was torn down, and alotta stuff missing... So far Needs: Stator & misc, clamps,nuts,etc..., Oil pump, Oil filter, Tappets all 4 of them, 2 valve spring sets, 2 retainers, 2 Exhaust valves & keeprs, stem seals,etc..., Magneto cover, Crankcase cover - over counter sprocket, Wiring harness for the engine. Among these hard parts a bunch of misc hardware as well. Would be cheaper and less time consuming to buy a complete engine, and then part out what he has if possible. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. importrepairguy

    De-restricting Airbox

    Thanx for the heads up on Jetting, didn't seem to notice any power issues once the exhaust was installed? The bike never seems to have traction anyhow!! But what about these airbox mods? What is being done to them for de-restricting? Is there some baffeling in there that should be removed? I have removed and cleaned my filter that's it, never removed the airbox!!
  14. importrepairguy

    De-restricting Airbox

    Can anyone point out the procedure to modify the Airbox and it's significance? I have 00 TE410. I have read in several threads where this is a popular mod. I have a Fastbyferraci 2-1 Exhaust and thats all so far. Is there any recommended jetting requirements? I recently did a timing chain, valve adjustment, rear chain, maintenance, etc... According to tech @ Halls Husky it wasn't neccessary to re-jet w/ just the exhaust system. Currently has the Twin Air Filter, which I assume is OEM? Thanx in advance.
  15. importrepairguy

    #4 is on youtube

    Awesome vid, dont have desert trails like that near Maryland. But got lots of Mudd!