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  1. Mike in CT

    Need help pricing my DR650...

    I wish I had an extra hour a week. I am in an industry that is counter cyclical to the economy so when things are really bad in the economy, things are really good in my industry. That won't change for quite some time. When all is said and done, I will probably buy another bike...most likely a Buell Ulysses...but for now I just don't have an extra 30 minutes a week to ride.
  2. Mike in CT

    Need help pricing my DR650...

    I'd be happy to get $3500 for it. Mike O.
  3. Mike in CT

    Need help pricing my DR650...

    I'd really prefer to have the whole thing go as a package. Will keep you in the loop if I part it out. Mike O.
  4. Mike in CT

    Need help pricing my DR650...

    More pics
  5. Mike in CT

    Need help pricing my DR650...

    More pics
  6. Mike in CT

    Need help pricing my DR650...

    After several years of having fun with the DR, it's sadly time for it to go. I rode a grand total of two times last year and haven't ridden it once this year yet. Between work and my son's sports and Scout activities I don't see getting out on the bike until at least September or October. Trying to figure out how to price it and hoping you guys can help. 2003 DR650SE. Bought it from a local guy and it had 1900 miles on it. The previous owner wasn't running a skid plate and got a rock in the center of the cases...right on the seam between the halves. It had a hairline crack in it and would weep when fully warmed up but then stop when cool. Rode it like that until 3,200 miles. After a fruitless search for matched cases, I found a used engine with just under 5,000 miles in CA. I had the engine shipped to Jesse at Keintech who pulled the top end and installed JE High Compression piston kit, adjusted the valves, installed the updated metal lower gasket and inspected the stator and clutch. Bike now has 6,041 miles in total...meaning the engine has about 7,800 miles on it...but the top end has about 2,800 miles on it. Bike runs flawlessly. 90% of my riding was off road...a mix of single track at Thomaston Dam in CT and maintained fire roads and "ancient roads" in the Berkshires (MA) and VT. Cosmetically...the plastic has some scratches which should be expected...mechanically, the bike is better than new. Some of the other work and parts going with the bike: Suspension. Done spring of 2009. Eibach front and rear springs...set up for a 210lb rider (with gear), $225 Racetech Gold Cartridge Emulators for forks, $169 Fork rebuild, install Racetechs, new seals, new oil, $175 Cogent Dynamics rear shock w/ceramic coating, $525 Engine: Aforementioned JE High Compression piston kit and top end rebuild, $400 Ground exhaust header weld. Pipe wrapped in high temp header tape from engine to mid-pipe. FMFQ2 exhaust (needs rebuild by now), $329 Keihin 39mm FCR-MX rebuilt and jetted to perfection by MXRob himself, $425 PowerNow for FCR-MX, $90 Extended fuel screw, $20 Modded airbox top with Keintech dual stage filter, $60 ProCycle Quick Throttle, $54 Controls: IMS SuperSport pegs, $70 ProTaper SE ATV Midrise bars, $48 Scott grips, $18 ProCycle mirror extenders, $32 Acerbis enduro handguards with wings, $67 Other items installed: Suzuki Gel Seat, $150 (still have OEM) Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag, $80 EXL (no name) tail bag, $40 LED Tail Light, $28 Mid height windscreen (keeps wind off shoulders at highway speed), $80 EBC Red Pads front and rear in 2009, $40 Dunlop D606 front and rear in 2009, $150 Keintech Skid Plate, $80 Keintech Chain Rollers, $30 Front sprocket one tooth smaller from Keintech, $35 ProMoto billet cargo rack, $154 Items not installed but going with bike: Original engine (hairline crack at case junction, but good otherwise) Original carb Original muffler (boat anchor) Original seat GSXR muffler (used), $75 GSXR adapter plate (laser cut), $25 Extra set of front and rear wheels (was going to build a supermoto set), $185 Acerbis Supermoto front fender, $25 Signal indicator bracket relocator, $30 DR 350 Speedo/tach combo (never got around to that project), $120 Roll of stainless steel wool for rebuilding FMFQ2, $35 Various clamps, filters, bolts, etc.
  7. Mike in CT

    WANTED: DR650 engine

    I have an '03 engine with 1800 miles on it sitting in the garage. Cases are cracked from the prior owner landing on a rock. If your cases are good this is a perfect engine for you. michaeljouellette AT yahoo DOT com Mike O.
  8. Mike in CT

    Nicholas Parisot, 13,

    Follow up on this issue. Rumor has it that the object was a rope. There is a lot of focus on the person who called the incident in, the resident of 57 Hillbrook Rd. The accident occurred either on his property or directly adjacent to his property. I hear motorcycles and ATVs riding in the woods near me and never once would I go out in the woods if I heard a bike suddenly stop riding. I'd just assume someone shut the bike off or dumped it. The curiosity surrounds why this individual went into the woods when he heard the motorcycle stop running. Was he going to chide the youth he ensnared in his trap? Was he going to see if his trap was successful? Was he going out of guilt for maybe having gone too far? I don't know the answers to any of those questions, but I'm sure the police do. Mike O.
  9. Mike in CT

    Suspicious dirtbike death in Wilton CT

    OK...it's clear you are from Wilton. That is a Wilton attitude if I've ever seen one. Sadly, you've not kept your eyes open when you were being chauffeured to UConn, because CT is a beautiful state. There are areas in Fairfield County that are worst than any other in CT (Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport come to top of mind). Ride up to Litchfield or some of the areas northwest of Hartford...the state is actually beautiful. Oh, and you'll find areas with more money than Wilton outside of Fairfield County...Simsbury, Avon, Litchfield and Washington to name a few). As to the original point of this thread...ecoterrorism. We have a serious problem with that here in CT. I ride a DR650 at Thomaston Dam and other legal areas in CT. Spend some time doing some research and you'll discover there are many legal places to ride a motorcycle in CT. ATV's are another case. Eco-terrorists don't want human beings in the woods for any activity. I have a very nice set of mountain bike trails near my house. I've seen or heard motorcycles in there only a few times. Sadly, the eco-terrorists have gone in and dug traps, cut down trees with chainsaws (ironic) to block trails and rolled large rocks into the middle of trails. Why? Because a few dozen guys on mountain bikes were enjoying the woods. We never built any obstacles or extreme stuff...we were just making trails by riding them over and over. I went to the police and they couldn't have cared less. Nobody had gotten hurt and it was some downed trees in the middle of the woods. My condolences go out to the victim's family and to your parents (for raising an arrogant a-hole of a kid). Mike O.
  10. Mike in CT

    DR650 owners with an FMFQ2...

    ...can someone do me a huge favor? I need some measurements: 1. Distance from center of the Q2 mount nut to the end of the header pipe. or 2. Distance from center of the Q2 mount nut to the beginning of the Q2 pipe. Here's the issue. The stock pipe is 9cm from bolt to tip. The FMFQ2 is 5cm. This means that I am 4cm short. Here's the result: I've got the yahoos from FMF Racing telling me it should be 5cm. Of course, they won't go into the shop to talk to anyone or pull an item from inventory....but it's somehow supposed to be 5cm. Anyone? Mike O.
  11. Mike in CT

    FCR-MX now with about 500 miles on it...

    ...it completely transforms this bike. Everything is better. Roll on response/power, rideability down low in the rpm range, no more decel popping, surging is 100% completely gone (don't know if the PowerNow has anything to do with that) and mileage is high 40s all the time. New tires go on next week and then suspension is on the list starting with springs and cartridge emulators up front. After that, I'm thinking a Renzaco seat. If you haven't done this mod yet, you are out of your mind. Thanks again to Rob for taking on this project! Mike O.
  12. Mike in CT

    39mm FCR-MX mileage

    Just did a quick loop of 49.8 miles. About half highway at 65-70mph (GPS) and half side roads at all sorts of speeds. 0.957 gallons filling it exactly to the bottom of the filler neck both times. 52mpg. Mike O.
  13. Bolted on my FMF Q2 today while doing the FCR install. Well, it came up short. If I was to bolt on the front bolt (the one just aft of the joint with the header pipe), it would have actually been short by about 1/16". So, I just pushed the FMF Q2 forward about an inch into the header along with some exhaust paste and cranked it down. Off to the rear. They provide a spacer that for the life of me I can't figure out how to use. The way this thing is mounting, it lines up perfectly with the rear bolt. I use their big clamp and it naturally wants to be in line with the rear mount, so I just used the stock bolt and everything seems to line up with no apparent clearance issues with the rear tire. Anyone else had these issues? Mike O.
  14. Mike in CT

    Keihin 39mm FCR-MX Install, DR650

    First off, many thanks to Rob for taking this project on. Rob set me up with the new adapter, the PowerNow, APS MS, the fuel screw and all the right jetting for sea level. The thing was perfect when I got it. So, an hour of scraping knuckles and I got it in. Hook up the fuel and tank vent line, prime it and it fired up on the first crank. Let it warm up a couple of minutes and took it out for it's initial ride. HOOO LEEEE $HIT!!!!!!!!!! What a difference. Kudos to Rob for getting that jetting spot on. It's perfect. First and second gear roll on wheelies are not a problem even with stock gearing. This thing just hauls a$$. Didn't get it on the highway just yet so no idea if the surging is gone, nor do I know what the mileage is. Once again, thank you Rob. Mike O.