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  1. cal_tony

    What are the widest tires that will fit?

    Yes the 510 fits just fine. Well it fits fine on my stock S Tony
  2. cal_tony

    What tires to get for a DRZ400sm?

    I guess I was unclear in my comment. Re: arrow direction. About 1/2 of all the tires I've seen over the years have the arrows in the wrong direction. For those tires that have the arrows pointing the right direction I mount the tires the way the arrows point. For those that have incorrect pointing arrows, I use my understing of how they should be and mount them backwards. I always mount them so they work best when trying to stop on gravel, dirt or water. The tire should be mounted so that the direction of the design [<<<<<< ] when the tire is in contact with the ground allows stuff to be pushed from the center to the outside of the tire. Not the other way round[>>>>>>]. Looking at the front tire when standing in front of the bike the grooves should look like this >>>>>> before they contact the ground. I guess I worry about this more than most because I keep thinking of how many riders over the years have gone down for no other reason other when they applied the brakes the bike slid out because the DOT arrows were set wrong by the tire mfg and they were not examined by the Dept .Of.Trans. for correctness. Tony
  3. cal_tony

    Opinions on Oversized Tanks?

    I have a 4gal Clarke on my SM and a 4g IMS on my "S". Not sure which one I like better. However, the Clarke tank is a translucet yellow and the IMS is not . I do like the ability to look down and see where the gas level is. Problem with the clarke tank is that it comes down much lower on the feed to carb side with the 39 mounted it is problem to pull the choke. As to the post Re: the Clarke tank being lower on one side side it's because it just barely allows for the kickstarter to fit in the upright position on the high side.. tony
  4. cal_tony

    "DRILL IT OUT" - a pissed off story by Evannaculum

    Ahh!! I had the same problem with an extra front wheel that I bought on EBAY. Took a real long time to get the rotor off. Followed Marquezes directions as well as most of the other suggestions above. I did however snap the first rotor bolt because it snapped much sooner than I expected. With the rest of them I was much more careful. Ended up drilling out what was left in the front hub. It didn't drill out clean so I ended up just using a flat head screw and a nyloc nut as a replacement until I had the time to heli coil it. That was a couple of years ago and the screw and nut are still working fine. Ever since than I've just been using Never Seize on all rotors and sprockets. So far, no problem with them loosening in service or being hard to remove. I don't recomend this to anyone . It's just a statement about what I did. Tony
  5. cal_tony

    What tires to get for a DRZ400sm?

    For the fronts I use the 003s. For the rears I use the 009s. Use this 003-009 combo on my CBR as well. I also run them contrary with the direction of rotation arrows. It has been my understanding for a long time that DOT tires require an arrow. However, it is also my understanding that there is no requirement or testing for which way the arrow points. That's why the pointing arrow is meaningless. The arrows if pointing in the improper direction don't make much difference on dry pavement but can be dangerous on wet pavement or dirt roads. I have read that the EU is working to include a wet stop rating on all auto tires. I'm sure if they also do this for motorcycle tires as well, the arrows will begin to have more meaning. Tony
  6. cal_tony

    Shinko 705 150/70-18 on a Drz400s

    I've done the 150 on an "S". Tire is made for a wider rim so the surface contact on a straitaway will be the same as a narrower tire but around corners it's wrap around tread. I only tried it using a freinds KTM 990 cast off, but I really liked it. Fit just fine. Tony
  7. Think he was referring to your question about the new front brake cable Tony
  8. Switching the rear 42 sprocket to the new wheels will work. So will the origional chain. As far as rear rotor size goes , they depend on the swingarm. The "S" swingarm does not support the slightly larger "SM" rear rotor but the origional one will do the job. As the dia of the SM tires will be less than the "S" rear tire the gear ratio will be changed from what you were used to. Stock "SM" gearing is 15-41. So the change though different from what the "S" had will be close to stock "SM" specs. Tony
  9. cal_tony

    DRZ400SM Gearing?

    I run 15-39 on my "S" and 16-38 on my "SM". Even when my "SM" was stock i liked the 16-38. Lots of opinions on sizing above but no one seemed to give their reasons. On my "S" the only dirt it sees is dirt roads at speeds from 30 to 70mph so the 15-39 works well. MY "SM is lightened and modded so it will pull to about 110mph and for that it needed the 16-38. Also, not mentioned above is how you like to use your transmission. I like using all my gears all the time. Nothing like down shifting into 3rd at 50 mph around a corner knowing once you wind it out [70 mph] you still have two more gears to go once you hit the straitaway. Another advantage of the higher gearing is that I can get almost 80 mpg with my "SM" at 50 mph loafing along at just above idle in 5th. Another example I might add is that I just purchased a used Ninja 250 with 25 hp. It has a six speed xmission geared with 14-45. My first impressions were that at the speeds I would be useing it at 35-80[its topspeed] only 5th and 6th were actually useable. At 60 mph in 6th it reved at 8 grand and I didn't like that at all because that was my hwy speed. So I replaced the front sprocket with a 15. Now all my gearing moved down 1 gear. I can now use 3rd and 4th. 5th has become my new high speed gear[ 80 plus]. 6th no longer pulls above 75 mph. However, 6th now cruises 60 mph at 6500 rpm with a 10% increase in 60 mph gas mileage. My preferences on gearing are not for everyone but they work for me. Tony
  10. cal_tony

    What tires to get for a DRZ400sm?

    Over the years I've used just about all of them. Conti's were a great deal 3-4 years ago but they were so popular they just raised the prices of their SM tires well above the prices of their other tires. Right now good bang for your buck can be had from Shinko. To get some idea about tire sizing you can go to MotorCycle Superstore. They don't have sizing charts but they do have a sizing selection where you can select width[120,140 etc], dept[90,80,70,60,] and rim size[16,17]. To get a better understanding on any particulars you can Google the name of any tire mfg and go to their website. Somewhere on their first page they will usually have a selection for sizing or fitment. There they will give you all the specifics for each tire. Tony
  11. cal_tony

    Street Supermoto Husky SM510R or SM610?

    the 610 motor is as different from the 510 as the KTM 510 is from the KTM 620. Different frame, different motor design, different designed use. Don't know about the present Husky 450-510 but the pre 2008 owners manual indicated that they were not designed or intended to be driven on the street and that the motors required constant changes in revs rather than sustained Hwy speed use. Tony
  12. cal_tony

    DRZ Spocket Combos?

    On my SM I run 16x38 because I do like to get more use out of 2nd 3rd and 4th when pushing it and I like the mpg I get when doing 50-60 mph and taking it easy. On my "S" which is used mostly for paved roads and fire roads I use 15x39. The 15x 39 or 16x41 seems to be very popular on SMs as well. Tony
  13. cal_tony

    One is never enough!

    Actually, 1 is enough. but, 2 is so much better. 2001-- 2006---2007. In my case it took 3 to make 2. and of course ALL YELLOW. Tony
  14. cal_tony

    What can be done to Drz 400

    I'll go with shift Re:his comments on the DRZ. Without much success in improving the combined performance and handling of my "SM", I finally just bought a 2001 Kicker and migrated everything over to my "SM" frame and swingarm. What a difference. The lighter weight and quick reving motor was just what the DRZ needed. I haven't increased the bore yet because with it's lighter weight It's still faster than any 434 I've come across. At some point in time I thought I'd go with a 95mm bore just like my GGs Just to see. Tony
  15. And if I'm not mistaken, prior to 2008 every one of them blew up. Many of them within the first 1000 miles. After many mfg fixes that did not work Aprilla just replaced all the motors free of charge. On the web sites that catered to the 5.5 again, it was my rememberence, that the suggested maintenance was to change all the oil every time the bike was ridden. So, everything said above by englertracing is true. Except for the CR500 in "SM" trim, it is the ultimate "SM" kick ass bike but it is also a maintenance nightmare. And having one or the other is still on my wish list. Tony