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  1. Sixer

    Hunting tiger (victims) on a DRZ

    Link doesn't work. This one should.
  2. Sixer

    Let me introduce myself!

    Welcome to TT. I like the blue/white combo!
  3. Sixer

    Is this a good deal on this 02 kickstart?

    Yes, and if its a true kicker then yes the kickstart came standard. Suzuki only made them in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. If you have any trouble starting it PM me and I'll tell you how I start mine. Nice clean example.
  4. Sixer

    Not DRZ but pucker moment for sure

    The front brake must have fallen off too.
  5. Sixer

    Need help to remove the Cam is my 04 E

    Heres some pictures of the journals and cams, if you should need some for reference.
  6. Sixer

    Stolen DRZ-400S Memphis TN

    Damn sorry to read about this, I hope you find it! Now thats funny.
  7. Sixer

    I love Thumpertalk!

    I got some Unabiker rad guards!
  8. Haha, just saw the episode the other night. I want a tank to commute in. Good luck on the dyno.
  9. Sixer

    drz does the grand canyon

    Nice ride. Thanks for sharing the link.
  10. Sixer

    I got bored so i made a wallpaper

    Cool I thought so. I lived in Arcata for about 4 years. The funny thing is I was talking to my girlfriend (who still lives in Eureka). When I saw the picture, so I sent it to her. I asked her does this look familiar? Then we argued where it was in Eureka .
  11. Sixer

    I got bored so i made a wallpaper

    Is that Eureka? Like two blocks south of Target?
  12. Sixer

    Exploration Trail Ride Report

    Beautiful area you get to ride in. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Heres how I start my K. If I don't get lazy it starts first kick everytime (unless I drop it then I just pull the decomp lever and lightly kick it about 10-15 times then start over) Bike out of gear, pull choke, pull decomp lever and kick threw several times. Pull decomp lever w/o touching the kickstart. Let the lever go and it should stay loose and not spring back. Then push down on the kick start till the lever pops back. Allow the kick start to come all the way back up. Pull the lever ever so slightly and release now give the kick start a nice full smooth kick and mine starts. Good luck.
  14. Sixer

    2001 DRZ 400E Kicker

    If he actually have a E with a kick start, hes got the best of both worlds. Sometimes I wish my K had a e-start.
  15. Sixer

    mixed messages from my bike - what's going on

    Your very welcome. Enjoy your bike.