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  1. JDXR200R

    Looking for Play Bike

    man if i were you and i only had i acre. i would get like a little klx 110 or a ttr 110 and make a fun track for it. i think you would have a blast?
  2. JDXR200R

    Is something wrong?

    holy shit, your a badass
  3. JDXR200R

    Is something wrong?

    Well i busted my front tire on my 01 xr200r and i havent got it fixed yet, so it has just been chillen in my garage for like 3 months but i warm it up like once a week but i was reving it and i noticed that when i give it throttle it is shooting some liquid from the exhaust i guess it's gas. When i give it blips of throttle i notice that a little bit of white/blue smoke comes out from the exhaust also. Does this have to do with jetting or is something seriously wrong?
  4. JDXR200R

    Removing front tire

    how do you take off the front tire/rim on a xr200r
  5. JDXR200R

    Whats In The Pastrana Mini Garage!

    i googled your name and it said you died in 2005...
  6. JDXR200R

    Renting a dozer/tractor/bobcat

    Alright thanks alot guys, i had no clue. i should probably let you know that im 15 and i have my permit, you don't have to have a license to drive these things do you? If i do i'd just get my dad to rent it and i would drive it. i would be leaning toward a bobcat with just the blade on the front because it will just be a pitbike track for a klx110. i was thinking with the blade i could just take it and dig all the way around the track about 6 in. deep? and use all the excess dirt to make jumps and tabletops and that kind of thing, how do you think that would work?
  7. JDXR200R

    Renting a dozer/tractor/bobcat

    Damn! i didn't think about all the other stuff you said, much less did i think it was going to cost that much. I don't think i will be doing this for a while.
  8. I have about 2 acres to ride on and i have a little track about 2 feet wide with some jumps i made by hand. I don't need a huge nice track i just wanted something a little bit wider and put some more jumps but i was wondering how much it would cost to rent something for me. I would like something cheap but i have no clue on what tractor to get.
  9. JDXR200R

    Untamed... Demo!!!

    i thought it came out december 14th... if its that close im sure there already done with it.
  10. JDXR200R

    Untamed... Demo!!!

    Im sure you can change the buttons for the controls in the settings screen?
  11. JDXR200R

    Riding pics

    Nice pics, do you have a pic of the bike it's self? looks bad
  12. JDXR200R

    Yellow seat cover for ttr125?

    im pretty sure guts does?
  13. JDXR200R

    "L" vs. Regular

    If i were to get a TTR125 vs. a L model would it be the same when i put on YZ85 forks Because if i get the regular model then i would be saving money right?
  14. JDXR200R

    taking off front tire?

    alright thanks both of you, sorry ive just never done it before
  15. JDXR200R

    taking off front tire?

    I tried to tap that peice in the middle out, but it won't budge. Am i missing something?