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  1. pooch327

    08 KX250F or YZ250F?

    im looking at one or the other, i love KX but my 04 was a bitch to start when hot. and the valves were set perfect. is the 08 any easyer to start when hot? I road a YZ and it started on the second kick every time.
  2. pooch327

    New 250f.... Backfire problems

    ya blackfoot is a good place to deal with. im sure that they will help you out if it keeps doing it.
  3. pooch327

    New 250f.... Backfire problems

    sorry man, i haven't ever had that happen. but i do turn off my fuel every time i park my bike. but i didn't think it would do that. where did you buy the bike?
  4. pooch327

    2003 Kx250 big bore?

    so if it has the powervale it will work? cuz that would kick ass (it has it) anyone else done this type of a swap, im more of a 4 banger guy and don't know much about the 2 strokes.
  5. pooch327

    2003 Kx250 big bore?

    my buddy blew up his motor and it needs a rod and a cylender. i was wondering if anyone knows any good big bore kits or if a 2001 kx250 is the same as a 2003 kx250. i found a new cylender and piston for cheap. thanks
  6. pooch327

    Jetting after exhaust?

    all over that. i had it running last weekend and other than starting it cuz of the temp. it ran great. now i just need the exhaust and im gona try it on stock jetting and when it warms up then ill try the Dr.D jetting.
  7. pooch327

    Jetting after exhaust?

    i found the Dr.D spec on there web site. i think ill start there
  8. pooch327

    Polishing Frame Work

    that would look sick with black plastic, i may just have to do the same
  9. pooch327

    Jetting after exhaust?

    cool. i was gona call anyway but i thought that this would be a start. i still have to pull my bike out of storage. stupid winter!!! i think im gona get it all set and ride it for a bit with the stock pipe on and then change over, just to see if it realy makes a differance. im sure it will but its been 6 months since iv even seen my bike. im gona change all the fluids and maybe the plug.
  10. pooch327

    Jetting after exhaust?

    I just bought a full Dr.D settup, and was wondering if i have to change my jetting. I have a 04 KX250F that is bone stock. thanks
  11. pooch327

    1.6 rad cap.

    i have been haveing some problems with the over heating. i have heard on here that a 1.6 rad cap would help. but where can i get one. i checked with my dealer and they don't have one. i looked at the kx 85 they had and it was a 1.1. i heard that the kx 65 has a 1.6 cap but what year so i know what one to order. thankx
  12. pooch327

    Very hard start!!

    i checked if it was one of the affected CDI's and its not. But heres the thing. i topped up the gas tank today, it was just under half and went for a ride. it is way easyer to start. i used some octane booster in the last two tanks and im sure that was about when it started to get hard to start. so i drained all the gas out and put in fresh stuff and now it starts on about the 3rd or 4th kick, hot or cold. so im not gona be useing octane boost in the gas anymore. ill just buy higher octane gas.
  13. pooch327

    Very hard start!!

    once it is running, theres no stoping it. it runs great, jsut getting it running is a pain. i was thinking the CDI but all the threads i read about them was that there was no spark at all. i have spark. not sure how much, i don't have a spark tester. but it did hurt when i was holding the plug and pushed the kick start. Is there any way to test the CDI?
  14. pooch327

    Very hard start!!

    my 04 has become very hard to start cold and hot. and befor anyone say's" its the valves, check the valves!" i already did and they are good. i put a new plug in it and its gap is good. if i get it running it runs great. but its a pain to start. cold not so much about 6 kicks and its running. it back fires some when kicking it. but hot just wont fire and they all of a suden it jsut goes. If i push start it it works every time, fires up and your gone.
  15. pooch327

    Spark plug?

    what kind of plug is everyone useing? just stock or do u have aftermarket?