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  1. Octane250F

    i'm stumped!! help! 2000 warrior 350

    Id agree thats its most likely the parking brake still being locked or at least something to do with the TORS (throttle override sensor). Thats the direction that I would be looking in.
  2. Octane250F

    YZ450 A little too hot

    Its normal for the exhaust to glow red if its just sitting idling because of how tin the walls of the exhaust are. You shouldnt let it sit and idle for any longer than 30 seconds. It has no cooling fan, so when it sitting in 1 spot it wont take long for it to overheat. If I let my YZ 250F sit and idle in about 30 seconds the headpipe would start to glow red hot and it will start to push a little coolant out of the overflow. About the hot starting issues, its normally for a 4-stroke to be hard to start when its hot. Are you using the hot start lever? Id check the valve clearances and make sure they are right. Valves that are out of adjustment can cause starting issues. I know you said you guys just overhauled it, but its possible the valves are out of adustment.
  3. Octane250F

    2005 YZ125 vs older YZ250f

    I would say the 250F is easier to ride in technical sections without stalling, but the 125 is easier to restart when you do stall it. I disagree. They have the same suspenion. 11.8" of travel in the front, 12.2" of travel in the rear. Besides, anyone who is serious about jumping or racing would upgrade their suspension to an aftermarket "MX" suspension which would be 10x better than stock.
  4. Octane250F

    Has Anyone put a topend in their 06 yet?

    Now you understand why most people ride a 4-stroke nowdays.
  5. Octane250F

    What is the best '07 125 two-stroke?

    Yamaha or KTM are going to be your best options. Honda, Kawi and Suzuki havent really invested much in upgrading their 2-strokes in recent years. Yamaha and KTM have still invested money in developing and improving their 2-strokes and as such, they are better than the 2-strokes that Honda, Kawi and Suzuki make.
  6. Octane250F

    I want to know haow the pros do it.

    When you are getting paid big bucks and have sponsors who expect you to finish as high as you can, you'd get back up and on your bike if at all possible. Those of us who just ride for fun dont have anywhere near the same motivation as do the pros.
  7. Octane250F

    Has Anyone put a topend in their 06 yet?

    Oil is a much better lubricant than premix, thats how. http://www.howstuffworks.com/two-stroke6.htm
  8. Octane250F

    New Yamaha rider!!

    Welcome to the Yamaha family. To be fair, you cant really compare the suspension of the CRF to that of the YZ for MX. The CRF450X is a trail bike, the YZ 450F is a motocross bike. It would be a much fairer to compare the CRF450X to a WR 450.
  9. Octane250F

    2005 YZ125 vs older YZ250f

    "Better" is a relative term. Its really more of a matter of personal preference.
  10. Octane250F

    Synthetic Oil?

    Synthetic oil is fine as long as its approved for use with wet clutches. Synthetic handles heat better than dino oil and because the molecules of synthetic are round (instead of the jagged, random shaped molecules that make up dino oil), it is more slippery, so you will get slightly more power and slightly less wear. As the others have said, either way you should change the oil every 5 hours.
  11. Octane250F

    Generators - need advice

    A Generac would be another good choice. I work in the Whitewater, WI plant and they are pretty good units. Generac's RV units also have the remove start like Yammie has. I wouldnt buy one under 3.5KW. How many KW you need will depend upon what your needs are, but I would at the very least get a 3.5KW. Honda and Yamaha make good units too and you would be hard-pressed to find a generator that is quieter than a Honda. Whatever you do, get a name brand unit.
  12. Octane250F

    Your dream setup?

    Toyota Tacoma with a 14' enclosed trailer. Nothing huge, nothing fancy, but plenty of rig and trailer to get the job done and I wouldnt have to spend a small fortune to make it happen.
  13. The only bikes I can think of that were made in the USA were Cannondale, ATK (which is pretty much a Cannondale, ATK bought the rights to the designs when Cannondale went bankrupt) and Id be willing to bet the Harley-Davidson MX bikes from the '70s were made in the USA too. You might soon have another option in an American-made dirtbike when Buell enters the market. Ive formerly owned an '06 Yamaha YZ 250F. Made in Japan and proud of it!
  14. Octane250F

    yz250f pipe on grizzly?

    I think Id try to find a pipe for a Raptor 350 and go that way instead of trying to make a YZ 250F pipe work. The Grizzly 350's engine doesnt run at an rpm range that the YZ pipe is designed for.