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  1. factorymx

    can you spot the difference?!?!

    asv sticker is side panel and levers
  2. factorymx

    Check out my photo in the new Racer X!

    Wicked pic.Look like the dude is getting ready to rope it
  3. The only thing thats gives me a bigger rush than riding is the feeling you get when you save yourself from eating a BIG pile of sh@t.Nice save.
  4. Ate a big helping of sh@t on that.Tell him he'll good as new and back in the saddle in no time.
  5. factorymx

    Barcia Helmet Cam

    Man that bike handles well,through the burms it tracks like its on rails.I like Barcia.Rev limiter,who cares,nobody here has to work on his bike.Boy sure can ride.If he can stay healthy,not eat a big helping of sh@t,He will have an amazing career.Who knows,maybe de-thrown Bubba.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAH thats worse then supercross omg i loved the street bike sounds for dirtbikes to.. wow man thanks for making are awesome sport look about as cool as ping pong
  7. factorymx

    Old Girl All dolled up again.

    SHWING!!!! That old girl is a MILF! I just bought one,oh the possibilities.Wicked that is.
  8. factorymx

    Trip to Oregon dunes last weekend

    That was awesome.Couldn't have picked a better tune:banana:
  9. factorymx

    Helmet cam from yesterday

    Thats sweet you could see and hear the rocks hitting the camera.Thanks for the ride man.
  10. factorymx

    Rear shock rebuild video

    Anyone know of one more mx related
  11. factorymx

    Suspension Help

    Spend the money to have your suspension set up for your weight and ability by someone who knows.Your a large dude,springs will be in order.depending on your ability perhaps a re-valve.Best investment in the bike you will make.To bad you are in Alta.I know a fellow in B.C that does great work,fair price,and track assistance if things aren't quite to your likeing.
  12. Anyone know of one on the internet?
  13. factorymx

    cr250 plastics

    01 and 02 changed greatly. the shrouds are a tottaly differnt shape and cooling holes and side panels are differnt and the fenders are differnt i owned a 01 cr for years and have a good idea what they look like u need a 02 tank and custom brackets if u want 02 plastic to fit a 01
  14. factorymx

    Daughter's First Bike

    That's so cool.I wish I'd started mine that early.I gotta ask,whats with the gay mature dating ad on this thread??????????????????????????????? Is it me,or does anyone else think this is out of place.
  15. factorymx


    Who the hell sets motorcycles on fire?1st time I've heard of it.Sorry for your loss.