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  1. Go see a doc. You're 43 and need to have somebody give you that advice?
  2. DBMX 925


  3. DBMX 925


    Guess he didn't understand Italian..
  4. DBMX 925

    What happened to josh hill?

  5. Let me save you some time here. DO NOT buy a DRZ if trail riding is going to be anymore than 30% of your riding time. They are pigs on the trails. Get a KTM 350, 500 or a used 450 EXC, you won't regret it. Believe me, I've been this route before.
  6. I do landscape design work...... You just described 65% of our clientele, I love those guys. Sorry for the hijack.
  7. DBMX 925

    SuperCross in the Sun

    I thought the daytime was great. Oh well......
  8. DBMX 925

    Vintage YZ help....

    Why don't you just email him one and don't be a dick?
  9. DBMX 925

    Orthovisc anyone?

    I had them and they worked well for me for a few years. My friend had them and had no relief at all. I had a product called synvisc, probably a similar product. In all honesty the only way to know is for you to try them. I got them once a year, then twice a year then it stopped working. I would say there was a benefit for me in the 5-6 year range. Good luck.
  10. DBMX 925

    It's official RV to Europe

    Maybe this should move to town square.
  11. DBMX 925

    It's official RV to Europe

    ^ What? ^
  12. DBMX 925


    Energizer bunny he is.