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  1. logansowner

    crf450 piston replacement/ engine hours

    For you guys saying 70-100 hours on trails, about how long is that for you? I mean in time frams, is it once a month, every 2 months? I'm still looking for my perfect bike, and up until now I have only had 2 smoke MX bikes and the old school thumpers (XR's) so with the MX bikes, I we rebuilt twice, maybe three times per season and obviously, the XR's will still be running on the same piston when they are 15 years old.
  2. Little reminder... most keyboards have these amazing buttons called comas and periods. Learn to embrace them, love them. Another amazing button is called the shift key, it helps with starting sentences with capitals.
  3. logansowner

    Sweet rc boat/plane/car/thingy

    It's real, sure they are hard to fly, but any high end RC plane is hard to fly without a lot of practice.
  4. Who cars? And the Supra is a 6 cyl, the Busa is a 4. It was a race, I'm pretty sure they knew a Busa would beat the car with money thrown at it. Suprised nobody has whined that the car has an unfair advantage by having 2 drive wheels... It's a fast bike being beaten by a faster car. Appreciate guys, good grief, bikes arent te end all of racing.
  5. SOmeone dies because this all important trooper was a dick head. You may hold cops to some uber standard of do no wrong. But they are very respectable people, if you do something liek this, you don't deserve that respect, and you don't deserve your job. I respect cops, I don't respect arseholes that hide behind a badge that just says they are a cop. He wasn't a real cops, he was a dispicable POS.
  6. logansowner

    2005 Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo *big pics*

    just thought I'd bring this one back to life so this moron could get a little more embarrassment. You still ahvn't answered how you drove more than 6 cars per day since you were born.
  7. logansowner

    Men! Ugh!

    Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me!!!! I KNOW, I KNOW!!!!!! Ever think that maybe it's because you're out whoring on them? My girlfriend broke up with me because I was dating 2 other chicks...I can't believe it, it's so not fair!
  8. logansowner

    Alright 2005 YZ450F for me!!!

    Rule #1 makes sense if you have a good job and can save a grand a month towards it, but when you can only spare a few hundred, a 7 grand bike takes forever to save for. Life is too short to waste it saving and waiting. I hope to get a new job soon and get a new bike before summer, but I have to finance it. Saving for everything is stupid, you spend your whole life waiting for stuff that you could have had now.
  9. logansowner

    RMZ 450 video.

    I saw that video, too bad their site is still fecked up though, everything is a damn red X.
  10. logansowner

    Sat on a WR250F

    No 2 inches is not right. They lowered them by 10mm, which is about half an inch.
  11. logansowner

    Four Wheeler??

    But by definition, a ultility quad is not super light and fast like a 2 smoke race quad.If you expect a 600cc 4x4 to wheelie and accelerate like a sport quad, you are expecting too much.
  12. logansowner

    Four Wheeler??

    Almost none of them that are big enough to plow snow with come with manual trannies now. Anything 500cc and bigger will almost be a sure thing to be automotic, and anything less then 500cc is probably too small to plow any large amount of snow with anyway. I like the Sportsman, my uncle has a 2004 600 and it is awesome, it is insanely fast and a blast for offroading, but it's just too heavy to ride for fun. From what I have seen, it looks like the new Suzuki 700 is the absolut best in class, but the Kawi Brute Force is pretty nice too, but it is light on the front end so it doesn't handle as well as some of them.So for work only, the sportsman will be good because it is heavy (which is good for snow) but to have fun on, it will make you very tired, very fast. I am going to suggest that you try a lot of them, buying something you havn't had a chance to ride is not the ideal way to go. Good luck!
  13. I have taken some of the advice here on building muscle, I only wanted to build a little bit, but over the last 2 weeks, the tips I have got here have done more then I ever expected. I have gained over 5 pounds in those two weeks. I now want to tone what I have without making more because my arms and legs are pretty big and I don't want to really be massive, just look good. So what I guess I am asking is how can I tone the muscle I have now but without getting anymore? I am right around 200 pounds now, but I don't want to gain any more damn weight, muscle or not, being big and heavy makes several things difficult that tiny people don't understand. In all honesty, I'd kind of like to lose around 10lbs of fat (an assumption of whats left, but I don't know for sure) but I just simply want that 10 pounds gone, I don't want it to be muscle, I have enough of that now, I just want it gone. So far everything I do is getting rid of fat, but it is turning to muscle and I don't want it anymore. If any of you guys that are more deeply involved in body building/training need more info, just tell me and I'll give ya what you need. And thanks again guys for the advice a couple weeks back, it worked amazingly for what I wanted, but I realized that what I wanted is not what I want. In summary, what I want is to ditch about ten pounds of fat and to tone the muscle I have now without actually increasing the mass.
  14. logansowner

    OT-post that needs to be here

    OMG, that was hilarious.
  15. logansowner

    Anyone rode a new CRF450X?

    They wont be out until Febuary unless they changed something:excuseme: