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  1. I am considering purchasing a WR450. I have seen really clean "used bikes" produced in 2004, 2005 and 2006 for reasonable prices, but I am wondering if any major changes occurred in these years and would I want to get a certain years production or would any of them provide about the same benefits. I ride a 98 WR400 now and I really like the model.
  2. Joel_Gibson

    wr 400

    If I remember correctly alot of guys with the WR400's were raising the fork tubes up about .100 from flush this lowered the front end and helped cornering. It does make the bike more prone to head shake at high speeds, so when you do this don't go too far, but it should help cornering considerably. You could probably do a search and find some of those old discussions (circa 2000-2001).
  3. I have a 98 WR400 Yamaha. 1st problem: When I stand beside the bike and push down on the handlebars the forks will stick and resist the force to where I have to get on the bike and weight the front end to get them started, then they will drop down and are reluctant to come all the way back up. 2nd problem Example: When I am putting the bike on the truck as soon as the front wheel hits the front of the bed (even if it gently touches the bed wall) I see the front end drop about an inch. I have to pull it up to get the fork brace in. I am 225lb and the stock springs are too small so I ordered some stiffer springs from Race Tech (they came in the mail yesterday) I also ordered inner and outer fork bushings, dust seals and oils seals and some 2.5-5 Weight fork oil hoping to get rid of my problems. I am assuming that the stock springs have compressed with my excessive weight over time and are now shorter - thus the 1" drop when I gently roll into the pickup bed during loading? Not sure about the sticktion issues - I hope the parts I bought will fix this. Any thoughts? Should I be on the lookout for something when I do the rebuild. Are these normal symptoms or is there likely a bigger issue here I should be looking for? Thanks for any input.
  4. I think 0.48 is as high as Race Tech sells.
  5. Joel_Gibson

    Flywheel weights just for older WR's?

    That was exactly the information I was hoping to get. Thanks Jim.
  6. Joel_Gibson

    Flywheel weights just for older WR's?

    Actually I did do a search prior to posting and I'm afraid there was no useful information regarding heavier weights. The were several postings on shaving weight to make the WR act more like a YZ however. I have searched almost every company I know of that makes flywheel weights and the only WR450 weight are +2 oz or -6oz. I don't remember how heavy the 98 WR flywheel was. Maybe the 06 models are upsized already. Does anyone know the stock 98-99WR flywheel weight?
  7. I have been running a 10oz flywheel weight on my 98 WR400 and I like it (the thing tractors through technical stuff with ease). I am about to buy a newer WR450 and I have noticed there is very little discussion of heavier flywheel weights for these newer bikes. Are they less prone to stall? Do they have heavier flywheels than the older 98 WR400's? I saw a 2oz weight for WR450's at Steahly's site but that doesn't look like 2 oz. would be much change. Can anyone shed some light on this. Thanks
  8. I have a 98 WR400 and I just installed an Edelbrock carburator that I purchased from Barnums Pro. The installation was simple and the carb is very nice in fit and finish. After installation I turned on the gas, kicked twice and she fired right up. I reached down and adjusted the idle speed with the nifty remote idle screw knob and took off. Short version - the bike rips. Great acceleration, front wheel comes up fast, lot's of power. I recommed it to anyone wanting to go a different road than the (I'm going to get this FCR properly jetted if it kills me) crowd.
  9. Joel_Gibson

    Best Carb removal method?

    Any tips to getting a carb out of a 98 WR400? The throttle cables look like they might be a pain to disconnect. Don't have a manual to look up procedure.
  10. Joel_Gibson

    Edelbrock on my WR

    Where did you buy the longer cables?
  11. Joel_Gibson

    Carb removal?

    What is the procedure for removing the cables from the carburator?
  12. Joel_Gibson

    What is the most knowledgeable advise you got here

    Michelin X-11 rear Trials tire on the WR400. - I would have never thought of purchasing this without the TT reviews.
  13. Joel_Gibson

    Should I bother re-jetting?

    I ordered a set of main jets and pilots about a week ago. I'll be ready to try out the various combinations when they arrive. I'll post again if I get into trouble. Thanks guys.
  14. Joel_Gibson

    Michelin X-11

    I put a Michelin X-11 on about a month ago. Being a skeptic I was fully prepared to be disappointed. I had heard that it wasn't good in muddy conditions etc. All I can say is WOW! I've ridden in mud, loose rock, ledge rock, slick clay, you name it, and the tire is much better than the standard knobbies I've been using. I feel like I'm cheating when I ride with this thing on the rear. I left my knobby on the front. I run the X-11 at about 9 psi.
  15. Joel_Gibson

    Seal Savers...Anyone have them?

    I've run the long ones for a year or so. No problems yet. They do protect the forks and seals somewhat. I laid the bike down and gashed one of them on some ledge rock and the fork underneath was not damaged (It was not a very hard hit though). All of the guys I know that use them think they are a good investment for $15. The folks at Seal Saver suggest that you roll up the bottom 1/2 inch when washing the bike to eliminate any chance of trapping dirt under there. I think the size was 1 3/4". The blue ones are not the best color match. If I had it to do over again I would have ordered black. Best of luck.