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  1. Here's a link back to my thread in 2009 and to the video of Gerry riding up a spot on 5MoH: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/682861-5-miles-of-hell-in-moab/page__view__findpost__p__6990951 Next time I go I'll definitely use a GoPro or similar setup as we didn't stop to take many photos along the way during the ride and I'm now wishing I'd taken more shots . . .
  2. Glad to hear you made it out there. Thanks again for hooking me up with Gerry a few years ago, 5MOH is one trail I certainly wouldn't recommend riding alone - at least not without a SPOT tracker and a good notification plan with friends who know where you went and when you are due back. My least favorite part of the ride was the sand in between a few parts of the trail and the 7 miles or so of purgatory after hell on the way back to the staging area - not hard, just something to be put up with to ride the fun part. Have been trying to get back for a couple years but work and family commitments keep getting in the way. We rode late May and it was fairly hot. Even though I brought a lot of water I burned through all of it before the ride was over. Was worried about fuel but I brought enough. Next time I would drop a size on the main jet, or at least a clip in the needle as my bike is set up for sea level.
  3. Husky-71

    I need to get back on the bike

    Thanks for the encouragement, Heading overseas for a couple weeks (work), but will take some time after that to get on the bike.
  4. Husky-71

    I need to get back on the bike

    My poor bike is getting lonely for me. Haven't been on either my Husky or my GG now for almost 9 months. Working like crazy and then either too tired to ride on the weekend, or backed up on the honey doos or time with the kids. I apparently even my user ID here was suspended for lack of activity. Hence this token post to confirm that I'm alive and haven't forgotten about riding - just too busy. On the bright side, I have so much vacation saved up I can take off most of the fall . . . should get some good riding in then.
  5. Husky-71

    Gas Gas 250 or 280?

    I have a 300. Went that way for a few different reason. One is that my planned use for the bike was more riding some tough single track or other trails with some trials like obstacles than doing pure trials type riding. I've never ridden a 250, a 280 and my 300, but when riding technical sections, most of the time I don't think the power of the 300 is really needed - that is if proper gear selection has been made. I do think the 300 is going to be more forgiving than a 250 when you've tried something in too high of a gear. Where the 300 probably does work better for me is when riding in some deep sand in 4th or 5th gear, or in 5th or 6th gear on the more open tails / fire roads. I'm sure that I'd be doing more gear changing between 4th and 5th on a 250. The other brother Daryl
  6. Husky-71

    Trails Helmet

    It could be cooler I suppose, but not having anything to compare it to, I'm not sure how much improvement I might see with another brand. I live in San Diego so fortunately most of my riding is in sub 80s temps with low humidity Still, I have worked up a good sweat many a time and have washed my helmet liner and cheek pads a couple of times so far. They remove easily which is nice.
  7. Husky-71

    Trails Helmet

    I have an Arai that I purchased through Lewisport. I've always found Arai to be a good fit for me in street and and MX helmets so decided to go with them for that reason. The fit is great and conforms to the normal Arai sizing. The helmet is lighter and more comfortable to wear on the trials bike than my Arai MX helmet, and has better visibility too due to the wider opening for the face. Didn't have the opportunity to try on other brands as I purchased this by phone, but I'm sure I'd have been equally happy with some of the other brands if I found a good fit.
  8. Husky-71

    Whats up with you Trials riders and fuel/oil ratios

    A friend once offered to let me ride his Honda 250 cc GP bike. He'd brought it up to one of the local mountains where road racers and wanna-bes show up on the weekends. I thought about it but declined and headed down the mountain on my own bike - GSX-R 750. A bit later he headed down the mountain on his own and about the time he reached the bottom, the bike siezed. :eek I was sure glad that I'd declined. He wasn't an aggressive rider and it was later determined that he'd probably spent too much time off throttle coasting down the hill and therefore wasn't getting enough oil into the motor. So, now when I'm on some long down hill decent on the trials bike, I do try to periodically open the throttle get some gas/oil mix in there. Don't know if it's doing me any good or not, but I figure it can't hurt
  9. Husky-71

    BLM Raid On Keyesville, CA Trials Event

    Likewise, I had difficulties getting mine registered. I have some new paperwork ready and we'll see how that goes.
  10. Husky-71

    Have a cold and bored - here's some video

    2Ply, thanks for the help on the Pinnacle audio - got it working now
  11. Husky-71

    Have a cold and bored - here's some video

    Sorry, With Respect To (WRT) Studio 12
  12. Husky-71

    Have a cold and bored - here's some video

    Thanks 2Ply, I think I know what you're talking about WRT Studio 12. I did get the little orange box, but didn't add a second one so it was controlling the whole track.
  13. Husky-71

    Have a cold and bored - here's some video

    Thanks, that's very helpful. I think I understand what you're saying. I'll study the video some more and then give it a whirl again this weekend. The software is Pinnacle Studio 12 or 14, I forget which - they're always upgrading.
  14. Husky-71

    Have a cold and bored - here's some video

    Thanks I have a blue one too, but it doesn't match the Gas Gas as well I'd only recently been trying some larger stuff like this so wanted to take some video to see what I was doing and if I wasn't screwing it up too badly. Should be over my cold by next weekend and will go back and try it some more. If I get to the point where I can get to the top without any excitement several times in a row, then I'll start moving closer to the bottom and see how I do. I guess I also need to figure out how to get down from some of this stuff without a faceplant . . .
  15. Have a cold and can't ride today, which is too bad because the weather's perfect today and we had our first rain in quite a while last night. Trails would have been nice. Here a couple videos I took of me climbing a rock out in an area not too far from home a couple of weeks ago. Sadly the area is frequented by people who like to paint graffiti on the rocks. Just started practicing going up these rock faces the weekend before. Still need more practice to avoid the dabs at the top. I also need more time with the video editor to figure out how to get rid of the audio during the slow motion portion.