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  1. Well I Get My Bike Back On Friday And I Ended Up Doing A 12.5 Piston ,hotcams ,and New Bigger Valve Springs . Eventually I Will Get A New Adjustable Computer Box And Ditch The I Cat . How Much Power Do You Guys Think Ill Have Now OH YEAH IT WAS 1525 DOLLARS OUT THE DOOR
  2. My 07 Was Having Some Starting Issues It Felt Like It Was Losing Compression I Took It To The Shop And They Said It Was Loosing Compression Once It Warmed Up Well The Bill Is Like 740 Dollars Thats For A Je Piston High Comp,a Gasket Set ,oil, Coolant,rejet, New Plug , Maybe A Valve Adjustment Let Me Me No If Im Just Being Raped Or If These Are Normal Prices Thanks
  3. dwnlowx

    How much for my Bike?

    id say 2000 cash all day its a real clean bike its just impossible to sell a bike for what its worth
  4. dwnlowx

    My 08 450 (pics)

    Sweeet Bike They Did A Great Job On The 08 It Seems Like They Are Actually Trying
  5. dwnlowx

    True Anneversery edition yz450f

    Wow It Looks Amazing Jealous Looks Super Nice Its Crazy I Wouls Like To Do One Of Mine But I Would Never Get It Done
  6. dwnlowx

    bike bling

    heres my 04 old pics
  7. dwnlowx

    Best 2 stroke

    the only way you are sticking with 450 is with the 500
  8. dwnlowx

    2006-07 YZ450F User Jetting Database

    2007 yz 450 Model: 2007 YZ450f Main Jet: 165 Pilot Jet:50 Starter Jet: stock Leak: 55 Fuel screw: Zyp Ty 2 1/2 turns out Needle: #3 clip ( stock) Air box: moose Pipe/muffler: white brothers pro Temp:current 55-70 ELEVATION: 3500-7000 the bike runs great on u-4 gas or 110 but runs terrible on pump gas the bike starts first kick hot or cold
  9. would this improve shifting on a 04
  10. i just found this and they claim it really changes the way your transmission works, its suppose to make it feel better than new and never miss shifts has any one ever used this setup any info helps http://www.factorypro.com/Prod_Pages/prodcy45.html
  11. I HAVE AN NEW CHAIN , I HAVE THE AFTER MARKET ADJUSTING BLOCKS . is that why it was doing this i have seen threads about this but i cant find them any input helps
  12. my chain is hitting my frame on my 07 yz 450 how are you supose to adjust the chain on these newer frames
  13. dwnlowx

    best price !!!!!

    i just got off the phone with them and i offered 5399 for a 06 yz f and he was real rude when i told him that was all i was willing to pay for the 06. i told him blue book is 4500 so im paying the difference
  14. dwnlowx

    best price !!!!!

    wow what happen there
  15. yeah my 04 needed it does the weight really slow the bike down? if the weight is bigger does it make better traction ?