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  1. Slim Shadetree

    Modify stock XR600 exhaust

    grind down the welds on your header pipe too. can pull out the restrictor under the seat into the airbox..
  2. Pretty basic question but how do you store you gear after a ride ? I mean things like your boots, jerserys, pants, helmet, gloves, goggles, armour.... Do you hang it up in the garage, put it away in your closet, have a rubbermaid tub you toss it all in.... I'm trying to get my garage organized after a long winter of messing it up and would like to get a new/better way to keep all my riding gear out of the way and together as much as possible. Thanks:thumbsup:
  3. Slim Shadetree

    xr 600

    they are big and heavy no doubt. i'm 6'4 200lbs and this bike is big and heavy. but i got a good deal on mine !
  4. Slim Shadetree

    600 carb pumping gas out vent line

    datz smoov butta !
  5. Slim Shadetree

    600 carb pumping gas out vent line

    hello all , what does it mean when i try to kick my 600 over and fuel pours out of a carb vent line ? the bike has been sitting all winter if that is of use. i turn the petcock on and i notice fuel starts to drip out a little bit and when i kick it over the fuel comes out more freely. time to get my big XR ready for another riding season.
  6. mars volta bike das nederlander
  7. Slim Shadetree

    Someone stop me, quick!!!!!!!

    when i get really mad like that i drop down on the floor and start doing push-ups. helps to blow off my steam and is a positive way of venting.... compared to shooting guns and drinking beer that is. those things are fine, don't get me wrong, just not at the same time or when angry. so.... what's wrong with the bike anyways ??!
  8. Slim Shadetree

    submerged XR600

    yikes !
  9. Slim Shadetree

    What can I do to my stock xr600?

  10. Slim Shadetree

    Transformed: XR600sm

    what kind of oil cooler set up are you using on your 600 ?
  11. Slim Shadetree

    Everyone loves pics

    Nice old school 6hunny.
  12. Slim Shadetree

    My new (used) XR 600!

    funky blue seat ! love the old XR's
  13. Slim Shadetree

    what horsepower should an '88 xr 600 have?

    How much power ? = enough to get into trouble with.
  14. Slim Shadetree

    From enduro to supermoto - 1986 XL600R

    looks trick man great job. love to see these 600's still doing it