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  1. Ordering my parts today.... *would be cool if the pics worked still though.
  2. SonicCRF

    High idle when warm

    If my bike is cold and the idle is set so it will run on it's own then it will be too high when it's warm. If the bike is warm and the idle is right, it won't stay running on it's own when you start it up. I was told this is typical of these bikes and jetting fixes it. We shall see when I throw the mods and jets on.
  3. SonicCRF

    Anyone have some nice pics or vids of Grassy Flats?

    Why are you wanting pics? See what it's like there or something?
  4. SonicCRF

    D100 Injuries

    Just don't ride faster than they can fly.
  5. SonicCRF

    White Trash in the TSF

    That's what I hate most about riding and camping... Is whitetrash rednecks. I guess the sport kinda calls for that sort of person in certain ways. :-/ Luckily I have about 400 acres to myself for camping and fun which happens to be about a 2 mile ride from a major staging area.
  6. SonicCRF

    Santiam Pass, oregon

    Ha, looks like you stayed at the same site I was at. Did you see my pics? (I had some messed up links that I just fixed). What an awesome camp spot though, huh? I'm sure I'll be going back next summer.
  7. SonicCRF

    Are Vemar VRX4 helmets good?

    But have you crashed w/ it yet.... I think that's the most important part of a helmet.... How it holds up when you slam against the ground with it
  8. SonicCRF

    Anyone in OR getting grief on new law?

    We plated my cousins CRF450 about a month ago..... He got denied plates in Portland, but they allowed him out in Sandy. They didn't question seeing the bike, nor did they make sure it was even legal for street use.
  9. SonicCRF

    Santiam Pass, oregon

    That's kinda what I was thinking. I had a blast there.
  10. SonicCRF

    Are Vemar VRX4 helmets good?

    Mine came in on Monday.... I would have to agree, it feels very light. Threw on a set of quick straps... good to go.
  11. SonicCRF

    Santiam Pass, oregon

    I stayed right on Big Lake twoard the begining of the summer.... Pretty nice area. I'm sure I'll be back next year. The care takers at the camp are waaaay chill. Super cool people. Why don't you just camp on the ground? Last pic is me... enjoying the night after a few drinks. http://www.studiosp.net/biglake/camp_mountain.jpg http://www.studiosp.net/biglake/camp_people_2.jpg http://www.studiosp.net/biglake/toys_1.jpg http://www.studiosp.net/biglake/lake_mountain_1.jpg http://www.studiosp.net/biglake/toys_1.jpg http://www.studiosp.net/biglake/bikes_1.jpg http://www.studiosp.net/biglake/ryanpics/ben_wasted.jpg
  12. SonicCRF

    Who can help me jet?

    Exactly, and the info varies depending on where you look.... That's why I'm in the regional section hoping someone will have first hand info for this climate. :shrug:
  13. SonicCRF

    Who can help me jet?

    So I'm seeing two ppl with esentially the same mods at the same elevation running different setups. http://rickramsey.net/CRF230Fmods.htm Also read to do 120 main, 45 pilot, stock needle 4th clip. Then here:http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/projects/crf230f/1/ they say- Main: 132 - Part # 99113-GHB-1320, Pilot: stock is 42, Needle: Honda Power-up kit part #16012-KPS-921 (clip in middle position), Pilot screw: Stock (5/8th turn out), Standard Float level In a thread I started a while back i was told most people do 124/45/4th setup.
  14. SonicCRF

    Another Idiot...

    How old are you dude? I hate the quad bashing that goes on here. Hey, I ride a bike and wrecked plenty of times doing things trying out. I guess I'm a moron too. Too bad we can't all be born pros. :-/
  15. SonicCRF

    Who can help me jet?

    I can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere from shops or people... Bike is a 05 CRF230. Mods: UNI air filter (restrictor removed) and exhaust baffle removed. They also come kinda rich from what I gather. I would love to get this thing tuned, but what size should I run for this climate? Any help would be great.