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  1. You mean like that extra lane we got on 405 for that 5 cent a gallon gas hike? Oh wait not only did we get the gas hike we got a lane removed. Ah well. Go dems
  2. Sound scamsit will shop it to a judge thats part of the “resistance” like they did for tax payer funded heroin dens. Sorry if your late to the party folks. But between Wa being a sanctuary state(your votes cancelled out) and shopping to activist judges your vote no longer counts in this state. Get ready to bend over and spread em for dems.
  3. What will happen next is the establishment will “punish” us deplorables for doing this by dropping key services. They will fund their stupid pet projects though but key bus services for the elderly will be cut, key bus lines will be cut. Happened last time
  4. https://returntonow.net/2019/11/01/old-farmers-almanac-predicts-an-alarming-number-of-snowstorms-this-winter/?fbclid=IwAR0oGlKSrz7edw7LJXvN3WWfZFYqdXHjVAx8wKGdmOD8PHNkijzi6yh46J4
  5. Ah come. Those snazzy new tax payer funded heroin dens should go over swimmingly.
  6. Pretty much why I gave up riding street. People are so clueless around here. I found myself wanting to follow people home and take a baseball bat to them. Countless times people almost killed me because they are twittering or addicted to their stupid phones or whatever. Just didn't need the aggravation anymore
  7. Lmao- theres a guy that commutes on one of these in the bicycle lanes in DT Seattle. I see him all decked out in mx gear and he flys by everyone on the bicycle lane. Its hillarious that he’s pushing the envelope like that. The glares i have seen him het by the spandex heads is the best.
  8. If you know North Bend, you can tell by the angle of the mtns and then look at the power lines and you can figure it out. I have seen people riding this spot but its too close to civilization for my liking(i.e. if they catch you they confiscate your bike and impose punitive fees).
  9. Curious opinions on what the fuel range will be with the new 2.4 gallon tank and duel injectors. One thing I absolutely hate is having to update the stock tank to the clunky looking ugly IMS or whatever tanks. Be nice to be pushing 80+miles with a stock tank. My 2016 500 exc with stock 2.4 gallon tank I could do 80 mile ST days and have some left over but my 350 beta I seriously think I was lucky getting 20 miles to the gallon.
  10. Very next day my wife and I went and bought a lot in bayview. So at some point in near future i will be living at the base of that mtn. Cant wait. Cant wait for next years ride. Its a must experience ride.
  11. Her parents are antifa members. Nuf said
  12. Make sure you bring a musket to fend off the natives
  13. Forget this thing. I think we need to put those cinder blocks on gnarly trail sections. Because we all know how that stuff works. 😂
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